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The Top 50 Cute Pokémon – Cutest Pokémon Ranked [2024]

The Top 50 Cute Pokémon – Cutest Pokémon Ranked [2024]

For over two decades, the Pokémon franchise has provided us with some of the cutest designs among all of anime, and with this list, we’ll show you what we consider to be the 50 cutest Pokémon of them all.

The Cutest Pokémon Ranked

50. Joltik


Joltik opens up our ranking as one of only two bug Pokémon on our entire list.

While most of the bug-type tend to have an unpleasant appearance that mirrors their real-life counterparts, Joltik’s bright colors, and big eyes make it look very cute.

Joltik’s among the smallest Pokémon by height, at only four inches tall. Its category, that of the “attaching Pokémon” and his Pokédex entry, seems to indicate that a tick inspires his design.

49. Jirachi


The wish Pokémon is the first Mythical to be featured on our list. Its design, along with its category, makes it seem like the “wish-granting-star” concept inspired it.

The tags of paper on the tips of its head also seem to reference the three wishes that a genie can concede.

Its appearance and the fact that it tends to sleep a lot, as shown in its solo film, Jirachi: Wish Maker, made it easy for our list.

48. Pumpkaboo


A friendly-looking ghost, Pumpkaboo, is the sole representative of its type on our list.

While most of the ghost-type tend to have a spooky appearance to mirror that of a scary-looking ghost, we can be sure that there’s no way you’d get frightened by looking at it.

Pumpkaboo has four different variations that reflect its size, all of which will surely make you want to have a pumpkin.

47. Stufful


This lovely-looking Pokémon might knock you out if you’re not careful enough. Despite his colorful and inoffensive looks, Stufful is, in part, a fighting-type, and is said to be extremely dangerous if made angered.

Its appearance seems to be inspired by that of stuffed animals, but be careful, he doesn’t like to be hugged or touched, so you might be better by watching from a safe distance.

46. Cutiefly


Along with Joltik, Cutiefly is the only bug-type on our list. And another feature that the two bugs share is that of being among the smallest Pokémon, with its size also being of only four inches tall.

Its name fits perfectly with our ranking, and we can tell you that is not “Cutiefly” for having a particularly disgusting design.

45. Mudkip


Mudkip is the first of many starter Pokémon to be featured on our list but is the only one from the third generation.

Its design is probably the cutest among the Hoenn starters, and the anime fans’ll remember it for being one of Brock’s Pokémon during the Hoenn seasons

A fan favorite, Mudkip, was voted by the fans as their favorite starter in a poll conducted by Nintendo Europe.

44. Scorbunny


One that will make bunny lovers happy, Scorbunny is one of the starter Pokémon of the eighth generation. Its design is not only adorable, but it is also one that is filled with a lot of energy.

Scorbunny is featured in the anime during the currentPokémon Journey series as the main Pokémon of Goh, Ash’s co-protagonist, where it’s already evolved into a Raboot.

43. Fennekin


The fox Pokémon is the fire-type starter of the sixth generation. Its design is both elegant and cute, and it looks very similar to the real-life fennec fox.

It shares its category with Vulpix, Nickit, and their respective evolutions.

In the anime, it was featured as Serena’s starter Pokémon during the X and Y series, where it manages to evolve into a Braixen by episode 64.

42. Komala


With an appearance clearly inspired by that of a koala and with some of the most impressive sleeping skills in the whole Pokémon world, it was inevitable for us to include Komala in our list.

According to its Pokédex entries, Komala’s born asleep and dies asleep because of the leaves it consumes.

It also owns a wooden log that’s given to it during its birth, which helps it to sleep properly, but that can also be replaced by the comfortable arm of a friendly trainer.

41. Deerling


Deerling remains true to its category of “Season Pokémon” by changing its appearance depending on the current season of the year.

This way, you’ll be able to see different colored Deerlings if you’re on autumn or if you’re in spring.

These variations provide it and its evolved form with some of the most unique and esthetical designs. They’re also the only Pokémon with the combination of the normal and the grass types.

40. Clefairy


Clefairy is one of the loveliest Pokémon regarding its appearance. It’s also one of the oldest, belonging to the first generation, and it was even intended to be the mascot of the franchise instead of Pikachu at first.

Clefairy is able to float by storing moonlight on its wings and is closely related to the moon. In fact, in the anime, it was revealed that it’s actually an extraterrestrial Pokémon.

39. Mew


Mew is one of the better-known mystical Pokémon, and also one of the most interesting ones.

It’s capable of learning all of the non-exclusive movements in the games, which is said to be possible due to it having the DNA of every single Pokémon contained inside its body.

Along with its clone, Mewtwo, it has a prominent role in the first movie of the franchise: Mewtwo strikes back.

38. Dratini


With a simple yet beautiful design that resembles a sea serpent, Dratini comes to our list to represent the dragon type.

As a Pokémon that keeps on continually growing, Dratini needs to shed his skin every once in a while.

It can reach lengths of over six feet, and its first evolution, Dragonair, can reach lengths of over thirteen feet. Its second evolution, Dragonite, is one of the strongest non-legendary Pokémon.

37. Shinx


Shinx has a lion cub like appearance and some bright, yellow eyes that make you believe that it can see through you, something that its evolved form, Luxray, might actually be able to do.

Tough it might remind you of a kitten, its fur can gleam brightly enough to blind you for a moment, so better keep your distance when looking at it.

36. Lillipup


This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include at least one dog-inspired Pokémon, and Lillipup comes to fill that void.

Its design is based on the real-life Yorkshire Terrier and shares many characteristics with real-life canines.

Lillipup is a brave and courageous Pokémon and is also a very smart one. It’s able to know when he should fight an opponent or when he shouldn’t.

35. Charmander


Being one of the first-generation starters, Charmander is among the most known Pokémon there are. Its simple yet cute design is one that fans all around the world have cherished for many years.

The characteristic flame that burns on its tail indicates his heath and his mood.

Its latest evolution, Charizard, is the most popular Pokémon of the first generation, according to a poll conducted by The Pokémon Company, and the fourth most popular Pokémon overall.

34. Turtwig


Fans of the anime will remember Turtwig as one of Ash’s companions during the Diamond and Pearl series.

There, we witnessed how affectionate he was towards it’s trainer and how it evolved all the way into a Torterra.

While also being based on a turtle, Turtwig is different from fellow starter Squirtle in that it’s a quadruped Pokémon. In the games, it also has the lowest base speed among starter Pokémon.

33. Victini


The victory Pokémon has an especially adorable design. Its rabbit-like shape, big, blue eyes, and the combination of its colors, along with its characteristic V-shaped ears, make it one of the loveliest mystical Pokémon.

Victini was one of the protagonists of the fourteenth animated movie, along with Reshiram and Zekrom. It’s also the only Pokémon to have the number 000 in a Pokédex listing.

32. Chespin


Chespin is the grass-type starter of the sixth generation. It has a hedgehog-like design and a characteristic green shell that covers most of his body’s back, which it uses for protection.

Curiously, in the anime, it’s the only grass-type starter to not have been captured by Ash so far.

Even so, fans will remember it for being one of Clemont’s Pokémon and for its gluttonous habits, which caused some troubles from time to time.

31. Pichu


Pichu was introduced as Pikachu’s pre-evolution during the second generation.

It evolves by bonding with its trainer, and its design takes the most adorable aspects ok Pikachu and takes them to another level.

Many different Pichu has been featured across the games and the anime. The Pichu brothers and the ukulele Pichu are some of the most known versions of this lovely rodent.

30. Phanpy


With a design that’s arguably the cutest way you could ever draw an elephant, Phanpy was a no-brainer.

The long nose Pokémon is a really strong one, capable of carrying an adult human body over its back without any problem.

In the anime, we got to see how Ash received an egg that eventually became a Phanpy that accompanied him through Johto on his adventures.

29. Mareep


The wool Pokémon makes justice to its category by clearly resembling a sheep.

Its wool is able to store electricity and, if touched, to produce a static shock. The sphere that’s at the end of its tail can light up, and its bright will change depending on the electricity it has.

Mareep looks like the kind of Pokémon you’d love having at home when the weather is cold or you need a bulb.

28. Sylveon


Sylveon is the latest eeveelution introduced in the Pokémon franchise and is also one with the most requirements to achieve: to evolve your Eevee into a Sylveon, you’ll need it to have a high level of affection to you and level it up, while also knowing a fairy-type move.

But it’s totally worth it. Sylveon’s color scheme, big eyes, and ribbon-like feelers make its design the most creative among those of Eevee’s evolved forms.

27. Azurill


Azurill was introduced in the third generation as a pre-evolution of Marill and was among the first Pokémon revealed of said generation.

Like some other baby Pokémon, it evolves when it’s developed a high level of affection with its trainer.

At the end of Azurill’s tail, the ball provides it with the nutrients it needs to develop while also working as a floater.

26. Bulbasaur


The number one entry on the National Pokédex and one of only two starters to be a dual-type Pokémon from its first stage, Bulbasaur, along with Squirtle and Charmander, conforms the most popular trio of starting Pokémon among all generations.

A frog inspired its design, and it was also based on his latest form, Venusaur, as this was the first created in its evolutionary family, followed by Ivysaur and, lastly, by Bulbasaur.

25. Squirtle


The last of the Kanto starters to make our list, the tiny turtle Pokémon, is just as popular and as beloved as its partners.

As with Charmander and Bulbasaur, its design is based on its final evolution, Blastoise, and also on baby turtles.

In the anime, Squirtle is the only starter to have its own team: the legendary Squirtle Squad.

24. Piplup


The most selected Sinnoh starter on the anime and the highest-ranked on our list, Piplup is the water-type starter Pokémon of the fourth generation.

With a design that resembles a little penguin and colors that perfectly describe its type, Piplup is probably one of the cutest starters.

In the anime, we were able to know it mostly as Dawn’s starter Pokémon. There, we also witnessed its prideful nature and its unwillingness to evolve.

23. Manaphy


Manaphy is a unique Pokémon in many different ways. First off, it is the only Mythical Pokémon that is able to breed, but its offspring won’t be another Manaphy.

Instead, it will be a Phione, which doesn’t evolve into Manaphy.

Manaphy was one of the ninth movie protagonists: Pokémon Ranger and the temple of the sea, where we were also able to see its unique egg design.

22. Grookey


The chimp Pokémon, a category it shares with Chimchar, Grookey, is the eighth generation’s grass-type starter. It has a joyful-looking design that might be inspired by that of a macaque.

It carries a stick on its head that it uses to make musical sounds, something that is characteristic of its evolutionary family, with its latest form, Rillaboom, even being able to play a drum.

21. Cubchoo


Cubchoo has an appearance that resembles that of a cub polar bear. Considering the large mucus that comes from its nose, its name might be a combination of the words: “cub” and “achoo.”

This characteristic mucus of it is also one of the main sources of its attacks, which certainly earns some points on our list for creativity.

20. Chikorita


Chikorita is the Grass-type starter of the second generation. Fans of the anime will surely remember the one that Ash caught.

She was overly effective towards him, which, while adorable, could make things more complicated than needed.

Chikorita has also been the Johto starter that has had more trainers in the anime. Seemingly, we’re not the only ones who think that it is one of the cutest Pokémon.

19. Togepi


One that old-school fans of the anime will also kindly remember, Togepi has a design that would make anyone fall for it.

Its round shape is covered by the egg in which it was born, and it was seen in the anime that Togepi could actually remake it to sleep.

It evolves by reaching a high level of friendship with its trainer and. Because of its nature, it is said to bring good luck to people that treat it nicely

18. Amaura


Amaura is the only Fossil Pokémon to make an appearance on our list.

It has a colorful appearance that resembles that of a dinosaur and a pair of big, blue eyes. It’s estimated to have lived in cold places over a hundred million years ago.

The rock-ice type combination is one that is unique to Amaura and to his evolved form, Aurorus.

17. Minccino


Minccino is based on an animal that can also be very cute. Its design is pretty much that of a humanized chinchilla with greater eyes, ears, and a tail that can be used as a broom to clean its dens.

Its furry appearance and the fact that Minccino obsesses over cleaning certainly make it into one of the cutest Pokémon that you would like to help you clean your house.

16. Furret


Furret is one of the few evolved Pokémon that made our list, and it was totally earned.

It seems to be based on a ferret with rings its body. Its creamy colors and short limbs also make its case stronger as one of the cutest Pokémon.

Furret is a very speedy and slippery Pokémon that makes itself hard to find to other Pokémon.

15. Emolga


The sky squirrel Pokémon is very true to its category. A flying squirrel inspires its design with the addition of what looks like a cape.

It has a pair of yellow sacs, one located on each of its cheeks, that are able to produce electricity.

Emolga looks like a kind of hooded, flying Pikachu, and that is certainly a description that fits this list.

14. Togedemaru


Togedemaru’s design is also that of a rodent with a yellow mark on each cheek, but it has a round shape and fur spikes on its back, which make it look more like a hedgehog.

It also has a tailed-shaped needle on the back of its head that can be used to attract and to absorb electricity, which can be a helpful tool in battle.

13. Yamper


Yamper’s design is based on that of a dog. Specifically, it seems to be inspired by a corgi. The yellow details on its body, especially the fluff around its neck, make its appearance lovely.

Like most dogs, Yamper has a lot of energy, and while it runs, it produces electricity that it can’t find storage on its body, which in turn makes sparks fly as it runs around.

12. Popplio


Popplio, is the water-type starter of the seventh generation. Its appearance resembles that of a sea lion with some circus-like elements.

It is said that it practices acrobatic moves with the bubbles that its nose produces.

Popplio is also capable of swimming as fast as at 25 mph.

11. Rowlet


Rowlet is also one of the starter Pokémon of the seventh generation, the grass-type. Its appearance is like that of a little owl with a leaf below its head that resembles a bow tie.

Rowlet is one of two starters to be a dual-type from its first form but is the only one whose second type changes with its final evolution.

10. Vulpix


Vulpix is the only member of our list to have an alolan variation. Its traditional design seems to be based on a red fox, while the arctic fox might inspire its alolan design.

Depending on its variation, Vulpix’ type can change: the kantorean Vulpix is a fire type while the alolan Vulpix is an ice type.

9. Cyndaquil


Cyndaquil is the fire-type starter of the second generation. The fire mouse Pokémon could be based on a shrew with flames on its back.

Slightly different to fellow fire-starter Charmander, Cyndaquil flames can turn off without affecting its health.

In the anime, Ash catches a Cyndaquil during his adventures through Johto. Eventually, this Cyndaquil evolves into a Quilava.

8. Skitty


Skitty is, impressively, the only cat-inspired Pokémon to make our list.

The kitten Pokémon has the appearance of a lovely and playful cat. Its creamy colors, closed eyes, and big tail give Skitty one of the most adorable looks among Pokémon.

Just like real cats, Skitty can be seen chasing objects that move around, although this can cause it to become dizzy.

7. Jigglypuff


Jigglypuff is one of those Pokémon that are adorable even on their name. Its round, pink shape, big, blue eyes, and the tuft of fur on its head provide it with a very cute look.

Old-school fans of the anime will surely think about all the times that Jigglypuff put the protagonist to sleep while singing its characteristic melody.

6. Oshawott


Oshawott is the water-type starter of the fifth generation. Its design is inspired by a sea otter pup and by samurai, the latter being one of the reasons why Oshawott uses its “scalchop” as a weapon.

In the anime, Oshawott admires Ash and joins his team after following him and helping his party to get out of trouble a couple of times.

5. Teddiursa


Teddiursa, the little bear Pokémon, is everything you’d ever need to be by your side during nighttime. Its appearance is based on that of a teddy bear and of a bear cup.

Teddiursa enjoys eating honey, and it’s even able to create its own honey by using Beedrill pollen and fruits.

4. Pikachu


The mascot of the Pokémon franchise itself, Pikachu, was a no brainer for this list.

For over two decades, Pikachu has been making people fall in love with its adorable design and its characteristic red cheeks.

Whether by electrocuting Ash or by winning uphill battles, Pikachu has given fans a lot of moments to enjoy and make them fall.

3. Eevee


The evolution Pokémon, Eevee, definitely is true to its category. Tough is not based on any specific animal, Eevee has one of the most elegant, simple and beautiful designs among all of Pokémon.

Even so, what makes it one of the most unique Pokémon is its ability to evolve into eight different forms so far, each one of them being of a different type.

If you haven’t trained at least one eeveelution, you’ve just been wasting your time all along.

2. Pachirisu


Pachirisu is based on a squirrel with some Pikachu-like elements. Its design is absolutely adorable, and those who were able to see it in the anime will remember how its behavior made it look even cuter.

Pachirisu can use its fluffy tail as a pillow to sleep and use its fur to hide its favorite foods.

1. Shaymin


Shaymin is usually around the top of any list that categorizes Pokémon by their cuteness. It’s is a fourth-generation Mystical Pokémon with the ability to change into a form that’s more fit for battle.

Its standard form seems to be inspired by a hedgehog with green leaves covering the top of his body. So far, Shaymin is the smallest mystical Pokémon there is.

Final Thoughts

Since there are 896 Pokémon, we might not have been able to include all of the cutest ones on this list, but still, we really hope that you’ve enjoyed it and that your favorite ones made the final cut.

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