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Top 15 Best Snake Pokemon – Snake-like Pokemon Ranked [2024]

Top 15 Best Snake Pokemon – Snake-like Pokemon Ranked [2024]

While Cat Pokemon and Dog Pokemon may be cuter, our slippery friends are also a firm favorite with Pokemon fans everywhere. Perhaps it’s their sinister looks or the way they move, but they really are some awesome Pokemon.

Here is our ranking of the best snake and snake-like Pokemon.

Best Snake Pokemon Ranked

15. Ekans


Kicking off this piece, we have Ekans! Ekans is a snake Pokémon that came about in Generation I.

Kids who watched the anime likely became more familiar with the evolved form of Ekans – Arbok. Ekans evolves at level 22 and is a Poison-type Pokémon.

Before evolving, Ekans can learn a bunch of different Poison-type and Normal-type moves. In more recent Pokémon games, this Pokémon has also gained the ability to learn the Ice-type move Haze at level 16.

One of Ekans more powerful moves is Poison Jab, which has a 30% chance of poisoning your opponent’s Pokémon when it hits.

Given Ekans looks, it’s also a pretty easy Pokemon to draw.

14. Sandaconda


Sandaconda is a bit of a strange Pokémon. Their name seems to come from “Sand” and “Anaconda,” a type of snake.

Sandaconda has the appearance of a tornado when in its secondary form. As GigantamaxSandaconda, Sandaconda becomes much larger and stands up on its tail.

Their neck pouch also enlarges, taking the form of a mass of sand continuously swirling around.

This Pokémon evolves from Silicobra at level 36. If evolving naturally at that level, there are only three move moves that Sandaconda can learn without TMs or HMs. These are Slam, Coil, and Sand Tomb.

13. Zygarde


A Legendary Pokémon that came around in Generation VI, Zygardeisn’t exactly a snake, but definitely has snake-like features.

This Pokémon is known for being able to switch between three different forms. The 50% one, from Pokémon X and Y, is the snake-like form we’re looking at for this post.

As Pokémon go, Zygarde is a bit of a weird one. They’re a Dragon/Flying Pokémon type, but they look like something out of Ben 10. Lots of green and black and changing into forms that look organic and synthetic at the same time.

Zygarde is also made up of Cores and Cells, which form their body and allow them to switch forms.

12. Servine


Servine is a Grass-type Pokémon that may not look too much like a snake to start with, but their later form – Serperior – certainly does.

Servine still carries a few serpentine traits, from the long body and neck to the rounded head and pointed snout. They’re also known in the Pokédex as the “Snake Pokémon,” so there’s that, too.

After Servine evolves from Snivy at level 17, you won’t see them evolve again until level 36. Between these two evolution points, Servine can learn a decent number of skills, several of which are Grass-type moves. The one exception is Slam, a Normal-type move.

11. Rayquaza


Another Legendary Pokémon for the list! Rayquaza was the star of the Pokémon game Pokémon Emerald.

The reason they aren’t any higher on the list is because of a few different factors. Unlike a lot of other Legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza has a bit of a bad rep from its appearances in Pokémon media.

They’re also have a hybrid look, which seems to combine serpents, machines, and dragons.

Although this Pokémon seems like a bad guy, if you’re playing Emerald, you have the chance to battle against them and stop them from rampaging.

They’re a very powerful Pokémon, serving as the master of Kyogre and Groudon, and able to go head-to-head with Deoxys.

10. Huntail


Huntail is a sea snake, for all intents and purposes. What made Huntail so popular after their release was the fact that it took some effort to get one.

First, you need to set up a trade with someone who’s willing. Second, you need them to have a Clamperl ready to trade. Third, that Clamperl must be holding a Deep Sea Tooth, or nothing will happen.

The other interesting thing about this particular evolution chain is that it can change. If the Clamperl being traded is holding a Deep Sea Scale, rather than a Tooth, then they’ll become Gorebyss – a pink, slimline version of Huntail.

9. Onix


Tunneling out of the ground from Generation I, we have Onix! Onix has gotten a lot of screen time over the years, mostly due to being the chosen Pokémon of a range of different trainers.

Most notably, Brock had a rather friendly Onix traveling with him throughout the series.

Onix is a Rock/Ground Pokémon, with a serpentine body made of large boulders. They only have one evolutionary form, which didn’t exist when Onix was first released. As for attacks, most of them are physical, made to hit an opponent where it hurts.

8. Steelix


Speaking of Onix’s evolved form, let’s introduce Steelix! When you give Onix a Metal Coat to hold and trade them to another trainer, they immediately evolve into Steelix. It’s a similar set-up to Huntail, so it’s best to find someone you trust to trade with.

Steelix and Onix are very similar in appearance, but Steelix gains a sharper edge and a metallic coating.

This Pokémon gets some hard-hitting moves later on in their list. You’ll want to compare the move lists of Onix and Steelix before you recklessly evolve them and miss out on some of Onix’s moves.

7. Dratini


Dratini is the kind of Pokémon that you feel the need to catch no matter what. They may look cute now, but this little blue serpentine water dragon will get a lot bigger.

Dratini is a Dragon-type Pokémon that evolves for the first time at level 30, and then again at level 55. It takes a lot of work to raise this little one.

One of the best moves Dratini gets appears just before their first evolution. At level 28, they’ll be able to learn the move Dragon Tail. This is an extremely physical attack that will serve you well later on.

6. Milotic


Another aquatic snake-dragon, Milotic, appeared during Generation III and evolves from Feebas. To evolve Feebas, you’ll need to ensure that their Beauty condition is high enough if you’re playing a Generation V game or newer.

For the older games, simply trade Feebas while they’re holding a Prism Scale. There’s a pattern here.

Milotic has a mix of move types, including Water and Dragon. The oddball comes in the form of Coil, which appears at level 48 and is a Poison-type move.

5. Seviper


Seviperdoesn’t evolve from or into any other Pokémon, but they’re cool enough by themselves. This darkly colored snake means business, especially if there’s a Zangoose around!

Most notably, Jessie, from Team Rocket, had a Seviper during the series.

The final move Seviper learns at level 46 is Wring Out. This Normal-type move is stronger the more HP your opponent has left. At its maximum, it can do 121 points of damage.

4. Arbok


Another of Team Rocket’s Pokémon, Jessie, and Arbok may not have always seen eye-to-eye (mainly because her Arbok was far too friendly and preferred trying to bind their team with his tail), but they were a strong snake to have around.

Arbok evolves from Ekans at level 22, which happens fairly early on in thePokémon anime adaptation.

If you decide to get your own Arbok, you’ll be happy to know that they learn Crunch immediately upon evolving and can even learn the Ice-type move Haze.

3. Gyarados


A little overpowered and very over-popular, Gyarados makes it to number three on our list of snakes. As a Water/Flying Pokémon, it’s always funny to see this beast of a fighter come from the forever-splashing Magikarp.

The strongest move by far has to be Gyarados’ Hyper Beam, which they can learn from level 52 and has a power of 150.

Another spectacular move is Hurricane at level 44, which can have a chance of confusing your opponent (if you’re playing Generation V).

2. Dragonair


The first evolution of Dratini, who was mentioned earlier in this piece, Dragonair is no pushover. There isn’t too much of a difference in appearance, Dragonair’s body is longer, and the tone of blue is darker.

There are also some bead-like features and wings appear either side of their head. It’s a good amount of change for a second form, and the design is stunning to look at.

In terms of skills, your Dragonair will only learn one new skill before they evolve again. But it’s a vital skill for your Pokémon to have.

This is the Normal-type move Slam, which can be a powerhouse of a move when your Dragonair evolves for the final time.

1. Serperior


Number one on the snake Pokémon ranking list is Serperior. This elegant snake Pokémon, is the final evolution of Snivy, having evolved from Servine at level 36.

They’re a Grass-type Pokémon, with an obvious snake design. But the design makes them look like snake royalty, rather than any common snake.

The first move your Serperior will learn is Coil, a Poison-type move. This attack comes about at level 38, just two levels after Servine evolves into Serperior.

The final move Serperior will learn from leveling up is Leaf Storm, a Grass-type special attack with a power of 130. Train your Pokémon well, and your opponent won’t be able to withstand that final attack.

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What is the snake Pokemon called?

Ekans (ironically Snake spelled backward) is the original snake Pokemon that first appeared in Gen I games. Every Pokemon fan will recognize Ekans.

What does Seviper evolve into?

Sadly, the poison-type Pokemon Seviper does not evolve into anything.

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