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How To Draw Pokémon – Top 20 Simple and Easy Pokémon To Draw

How To Draw Pokémon – Top 20 Simple and Easy Pokémon To Draw

Looking to draw some Pokémon to decorate your walls or get your practice in? While some might be a bit tricky to draw, others are simple and easy. Here are 20 you can draw now.

Top 20 Simple and Easy To Draw Pokémon


Ditto is quite literally just a pink blob with a face, and that face can have any blank expression you want it to have.

Start by outlining your Ditto blob but remember that Ditto stretches and can be any shape blob as long as you can kind of see that it has two arm-like body parts in its structure.

Add two black dots for the eyes and a toothless, wide smile, and you’re done!


Electrode is a ball Pokémon. Unlike Voltorb, its counterpart, Electrode has a kind face that’s a bit dopey.

Start with a circle, split it roughly in half, and then decide where you want to add the facial features. You’ll need two small eyes and a grinning mouth to complete Electrode’s look.

If you want to add more detail, try shading in parts of Electrode around the bottom and edges to give a shadowed effect and add some dimensions.


As long as you can draw a basic oval shape, you can draw Exeggcute. You’ll need to draw six ovals, with some of them overlapping for the design.

If that’s too much, draw them separately for now and work on adding to the design later.

One of the eggs of Exeggcute is supposed to look cracked, but don’t worry too much about that at the start. Add in some different facial expressions with their triangle-shaped eyes and simple smiles, smirks, or frowns.


This magnet Pokémon is full of easy shapes. Start with a round circle in the center of the design, and then add two large magnets either side of the circle.

Complete the body shape with a screw-like feature on the top of the circle.

The only defining feature that Magnemite has is the large eye that takes up the central space of the first circle you will need to draw.

Magnemite’s eye can blink and make a few other expressions, so be as creative as you can.


Like Magnemite, Diglett is a few simple shapes that you can master over time.

The hardest part of Diglett to draw is the rock or dirt that they poke out of; no matter where you find one. Start with Diglett’s body, an easy oblong shape, and then fill in his facial details.

For a challenge, try adding in some detail or shading to the ground at the bottom of Diglett; otherwise, you may find this Pokémon a bit too easy to draw.


Luvdisc is a sideways heart that is a bit stretched out in shape.

The most difficult thing to draw on Luvdisc is its eyes because they have a bit more to them than the standard black dot that many of the previous Pokémon have.

Don’t forget to add in Luvdisc’s signature cheek pouch – a simple circle that you’ll recognize from many variations of Pokémon – and a gap for the mouth.


Dratini’s overall body shape is something that you can quickly draw.

Even as children, we’re taught how to draw a snake-like body, and that’s exactly the skill you will need to draw this cutie. Once you’ve got the head and body down, start adding in the other details.

For Dratini, you’ll need to focus on drawing his head fins, which are really just two curved triangle shapes on each side.


Marill is a few circles and ovals and a jagged line; that is all that makes up this Pokémon. Start with Marill’s body, then add the large mouse-like ears.

Next, draw in the small legs and arms, which have very similar shapes to each other. Make the arms thinner than the legs to help them look more distinguished.

Next, draw a big circle for the tail, and then connect the tail to Marill’s body by drawing a thick, black line.


Similarly to Marill, Jigglypuff is a few easy shapes piled on top of each other. It still is one of the cutest Pokemon.

First Generation Pokémon were all very basic and easy to draw while in the first stage of their evolutionary forms.

Draw a large circle for Jigglypuff’s body, add cat-like ears, pointed arms, and ballet slipper feet. Final touches will include the hair curl of this pink Pokémon and the large doe-like eyes.


If you can draw Magnemite, you can 100% take a shot at drawing Klink. Klink is great to draw because as long as you can get the main gear shape right, it’s near impossible to mess up the right of his design.

Past the duo of gears, the other shapes involved are ovals, circles, and an X-shape.

Make sure you draw both of Klink’s gears close together so that it looks like they’re interlocking and acting as actual gears would in real life.


Now, we’re moving onto a Pokémon that’s a little more difficult to draw. Shuckle has some 3D elements that you can get away with not doing for all of the previous Pokémon we’ve mentioned.

But because Shuckle has a shell, you’ll need to get used to shading and using dimensions to complete the overall look.

Start with Shuckle’s shell body and then draw in his neck, head, arms, and legs.

To make him look more 3D, shade in around the holes of his shells to make them appear as if they’re coming out of shadow/darkness. As edgy as that sounds, it will really help with his overall look.


The most popular Pokémon, the mascot of them all: Pikachu. This electric-type mouse is the most difficult to draw so far on this list because he has a lot more features and elements to take into account when being sketched out.

He’s not the easiest to draw, but if you’re looking to practice, you can find tons of videos on where to start and how to end with a Pikachu you can be proud of.

As always, start with the head and body, and then add from there. Make this challenge fun!


Snorunt, the always shivering Pokémon. The best thing about Snorunt is that they don’t have a lot of moving parts of extra limbs to worry about.

The body and head are one cone-like shape, followed by some small circular arms and oval-shaped feet.

It’s easy to build up Snorunt using basic shapes and then go in and add the detail of the Pokémon – such as his eyes and mouth – later on.


Like Ditto, Wobbuffet is a blob-like creature with minimal detail. It’s quite a bit bigger than Ditto, of course, and you’ll need to draw in two sets of eyes and long arms.

However, it’s certainly not the most challenging Pokémon to draw, and you should master its form quite quickly.


Spheal’s shape relies on its round body. It doesn’t have a head, but rather a face that protrudes from the rest of its body with a cute cat-like smile, a couple of teeth, and small eyes and ears.

It’s important to add in Spheal’s spotted details and his fins.


Litwick is extremely fun to draw because it’s a candle come to life. The Pokémon itself looks quite like a cartoon ghost candle (because it basically is), with a brightly colored flame on top.

The lack of coloring needed for Litwick makes it even easier to draw that most other Pokémon, which can be much more detailed.

Why not try re-designing Litwick by giving him different colored flames or changing the style of candle drip, which makes up the hair-like feature?


The penguin Pokémon! Piplup is easy to draw and extremely cute. This little one is perfect to add to personalized cards because it looks hard to draw but really isn’t.

Take your time drawing Piplup and start with a standing pose before moving on to sitting poses. You could even use real penguins as pose inspirations to see how their bodies work!


Swalot is another blob Pokémon, but it has a lot of comedic value. With the puckered mouth, closed eyes, and overall expression of being completely unbothered, Swalot is a great beginner Pokémon to draw.

Depending on the angle you’re drawing it from, remember to look at the black design on its back. If you draw it from the side, you can get away with a half diamond shape and make life pretty easy for yourself.


This egg creature that confuses most people because it’s an egg that hatched is a beloved member of the Pokémon family.

It’s also extremely recognizable! To draw Togepi, start from the broken egg shape and then add to the drawing from there.

The head of Togepi is similar to a crown shape, and the rest of his body doesn’t require much thought.


We’re finishing this list off with a harder Pokémon to draw: Mew.

This legendary Pokémon requires focus and determination, but once you break down how to draw each part of Mew’s body, you’ll realize that it isn’t too hard.

Start with Mew’s head, then draw the body from there. Add the eyes and tail in last.

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