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Top 26 Best Grass-type Pokémon [2024]

Top 26 Best Grass-type Pokémon [2024]

Ah, the humble Grass-type. It’s rarely the first one to be picked in terms of starting types, cast aside in favor of the ‘cooler’ fire and water types. But in this list, we’ll explore the crème of the crop by covering the Top 26 Grass Pokémon from Generations I-VIII.

Best Grass-type Pokémon

26. Gloom

Gloom Pokemon

Starting things off, we have Gloom, the permanently drooling Weed Pokémon from Generation I. Immature jokes aside; its design combines the odd (pardon the pun) elements of Oddish with something more reflective of its dual Grass and Poison typing.

Allegedly, according to Pokedex entries, its stench is used to attract prey from miles away, making it a fantastic candidate for Poison typing.

Additionally, it can be evolved into either the Flower Pokémon Vileplume or Bellossom through a Leaf Stone or Sun Stone, respectively.

25. Amoonguss


This fun guy hails from the Unova Region, evolving from Foongus at Level 36. Coincidentally, it bears the same typing as Gloom.

However, what I believe sets it apart from Gloom is not only it’s a unique design, bearing a stark resemblance to the iconic Pokeball, but that it can use this to its advantage in the game’s overworldby disguising itself as an unassuming item.

It also specializes in having a high HP value and moves that also drain HP and recover it, such as Giga Drain and Synthesis.

24. Carnivine


Carnivine is somewhat of an oddity. I’ve yet to come across someone who uses the Bug Catcher Pokémon, but it certainly stands out in Gen IV due to its unique ability of Levitate, negating all Ground-type damage, and being unable to evolve.

However, it is one of the few pure Grass-type Pokémon to learn a Dark-type move – specifically Crunch. It’s also one of the few Pokémon on the list to get an extended appearance in the anime, used by Team Rocket’s James.

23. Leafeon


The oft-ignored Leafeon is the Grass-type Eeveelution introduced in Generation IV along with its Ice-type siblingGlaceon.

The Verdant Pokémon itself possesses high Defense stats and can even be a fairly fast first choice with its respectable Speed stat. It also has access to moves like Swords Dance to increase its potency.

However, Leafeon is very susceptible to hazards such as Spikes and Stealth Rock, forcing it to choose its switching somewhat carefully. ThePokedex states that when you see Leafeon asleep in a patch of sunshine, you’ll know it is using photosynthesis to produce clean air – cute!

22. Appletun


Perhaps not the most visually unique of the Pokémon on this list, the Apple Nectar Pokémon Appleton from Generation VIII is a slumbering Grass / Dragon-type with a Defense stat that is nothing to scoff at.

Its ability Thick Fat enables all Fire and Ice types attacks to have their damage halved when used on Appletun, making it the perfect ability due to typing. However, it does suffer from a miserably low-Speed stat so keep that in mind if you plan on using it.

As well as this, Appleton comes with a unique Gigantamax form, if that tickles your fancy.

21. Tsareena


The Fruit Pokémon herself, Tsareena, is obtained by leveling up a Steenee with the move Stomp. This pure Grass-type Pokémon boasts a pretty good Attack stat, and the ability Queenly Majesty makes it entirely immune to priority moves made against it.

With the use of moves like Rapid Spin and Knock Off, Tsareena’s true power can be utilized. However, other options, such as those up the list, are available in regards to doing a wall breaker role better.

20. Meganium


Fun Fact: Back when I picked up Pokemon Soul Silver, the Chikorita line was my first starter to go through. And whilst others have taken up a higher mantle in terms of cool factor, I still have a soft spot for this leafy dinosaur dude!

In terms of its abilities, think of a more efficient Amoonguss in terms of its health drain attacks. However, it stays at this point in the list due to its poor effectiveness compared to fellow Johto starters and otherwise shallow movepool, especially in terms of Gym weaknesses in the early game.

19. Cacturne


A dual Grass / Dark-type, the Generation III Scarecrow Pokemo nCacturne possesses a unique, spooky design and a very interesting set of stats.

Despite its mediocre Speed stat, Cacturne possesses an equally high Attack and Special Attack stats pair, allowing it to dish out serious punishment. It’s use of the move Spikes also makes it great for slowly damaging the enemy team over time whilst piling on the numbers over turns.

To further capitalize on its scary nature, The Pokedex confirms that its blood transformed into the same substances as sand after spending thousands of years in harsh deserts.

Gruesome stuff.

18. Roserade


Another resident of Gen VI, The Bouquet PokémonRoserade, evolves from Roselia with a Shiny Stone exposure.

With its high Special Attack and access to great moves such as Sleep Powder and Toxic Spikes, this Grass / Poison-type is a great player for any team looking for a powerful support-role Pokémon.

ItsPokedex entry informs that with the movements of a dancer, it strikes with whips that are densely lined with poison thorns, a hint to the move Poison Jab often found on Roserade used by in-game Trainers.

17. Sawsbuck


Despite its bland type combination of Grass / Normal, the Generation V Season PokemonSawsbuck boasts multiple designs that can change based on the four seasons.

After evolving from Deerling at Level 34, Sawsbuck serves as a speedy attacker with its ability Chorophyll, enabling it to double its speed stat in sunny conditions and access moves like Jump Kick riskier moves like Double-Edge.

With the use of moves like the previously mentioned Swords Dance, Sawsbuck is a hard target to take down in the right circumstances.

16. Exeggutor


Possessing the rare typing of Grass / Psychic, the deceptively named Coconut PokémonExeggutor possesses a perfectly weird design and a large move pool.

Exeggutor is highly unpredictable, in the series and outside, especially being given an Alolan Form in Gen VII. This form not only switches up it’s typing to Grass / Dragon but also grows it to a staggering 36 feet tall!

ItsPokedex entries confirm that it’s three heads never seem to squabble and can continue on as an Exeggcute if separated from the main body. Speaking of which, it evolves into Exeggcutor when exposed to a Leaf Stone.

15. Lurantis


Lurantis, the excitingly named Bloom Sickle Pokémon, is the final evolution of Formantis, both included in Generation VII and obtained by leveling up Formantis during the day starting at Level 34.

Offering a great utility choice in a team and a movepool consisting of Defog, Aromatherapy, and its ability Contrary, Lurantis can switch to the type of other Pokémon in battle.

Its Pokedex entry states that Lurantis resembles a beautiful flower, and a properly raised Lurantis will have gorgeous, brilliant colors.

14. Torterra


An odd case of a Pokémon, this final form of the Turtwig line possesses the Grass / Ground typing and an awesome design with its shell covered in chunks of rock and a large tree.

As expected for being based on a turtle, Torterra is a very slow Pokémon. However, with its high defense, it can easily fill up a tank position on a team, and with moves such as Wood Hammer and Earthquake, it can be a force to reckon with. Especiallywhen combined with its decent health pool.

13. Breloom


This forest-dwelling Pokémon, possessing the Grass / Fighting-type combination, is one of Gen III’s most renowned Grass Types.

Evolving from Shroomish at Level 32, Breloom is known for its high attack, allowing it to be a perfect physical attacker for any team through moves such as Mach Punch and Low Sweep.

ItsPokedex entry confirms this, stating that Breloom closes in on its foe with light and sprightly footwork, then throws punches with its stretchy arms.

12. Tangrowth


This Pokémon is a later added evolution to the evolution chain of the PokémonTangela, arriving in Gen IV along with other evolutions to other evolutionary lines.

The Vine Pokemon boasts rather high base stats, though seems to specialize in defense and bulk primarily, no doubt helped by its ability Regenerator, allowing Tangrowth to restore ⅓ of its health upon being switched out in battle.

However, this also allows Tangrowth to work as an offensive tank, making it a fairly versatile Pokemon.

11. Ferrothorn


Possessing the lowest Speed stat on our list, we have Generation V’s very own Thorn Pod Pokémon, Ferrothorn.

This large metal plant creature is a prime trap setter with access to moves like Spikes and Stealth Rock, easily able to take a beating due to its Grass / Steel typing that provides a bevy of resistances and even the ability Iron Barbs which massively dissuades physical movies against Ferrothorn. In short, Ferrothorn is certainly one of the better Pokémon on this list.

10. Tropius


Yet another dinosaur lookalike, the Fruit Pokémon Tropius, was introduced in Generation III with no prior or future evolutions in its line.

Its main draw is its gigantic movepool, boasting the likes of Toxic, Leech Seed, and the evasive Substitute.

Due to its mainly high HP stat, Tropius is perfect for a support role, despite its slightly counter-intuitive dual Grass / Flying typing that can leave it open to super-effective Rock moves.

9. Ludicolo


Despite its slightly stereotypical appearance, the dual Water / Grass-type Ludicolo brings a great addition to any team, especially in terms of self-support.

Its ability Rain Dish allows it to slowly recover 1/16 of its health every turn so long as it’s raining, made even better due to its ability to learn Rain Dance.

As well as this, Ludicolo’s typing allows it to shrug off what would normally be lethal Fire-type moves. It evolves from Lombre when exposed to a Water Stone.

8. Dhelmise


Dhelmise, the Sea Creeper Pokemon, is a Generation VII addition and possesses (pun not intended) the dual Grass / Ghost typing.

Dhelmise is a unique Pokémon, having good typing but not great, a decent ability in Steelworker, and having strong stats but falling short in some areas such as its appalling Speed stat but substantial Attack stat.

It also has the unique move Anchor Shot, which can deal great damage and prevent the target from escaping. The Pokedex entry for Dhelmise informs us that it wraps its prey in a green seaweed body before sucking away their vitality.

7. Vileplume


An ultimately better choice than its previous form in both design and utility, The Flower Pokémon Vileplume packs a defensive punch into a deceptive package.

Its high Special Attack grants it fantastic potential with moves such as Giga Drain or Moonlight. Whilst it is a bit on the slow side, the ability Effect Spore more than makes up for this by allowing Vileplume to poison paralyzes or put the opposing Pokémon to sleep if they make contact through a physical move with a 30% chance of success.

6. Abomasnow


The dual typed Grass / Ice Frost Tree Pokémon Abomasnow originates from Generation Vi and evolves from Snowver at Level 40.

Despite its easy weakness to Fire-type moves, Abomasnow can easily deal damage through its high Attack stats and ability Snow Warning, allowing it to create a blizzard that can damage any non-Ice types over the course of battle.

However, its poor Speed stat leaves it a sitting duck in many situations, moving with the glacial speed of a forest and hitting with the biting ferocity of an avalanche. This is doubled down on with its Mega Evolution; Abomasnow gains a boost to every base stat that isn’t Speed, which is halved to a pitiable amount.

5. Sceptile


The impressive Forest Pokémon Sceptile is one of the final forms of the Generation III trio and the end of the Treecko line.

Sceptile has an excellent combination of Attack, Special Attack, and Speed as well as a wide movepool, making him perhaps one of the fastest Grass types on this list.

However, Sceptile also gains a Mega Evolution in which its pure Grass-type is bolstered with the Dragon-type, and its Special Attack is made equal to its terrific Speed stat, making Sceptile a force of nature in the right hands.

4. Rillaboom


With its colossal HP stat, the most recent Grass starter Grookey’s final evolution is a tremendous and bulky wall breaker.

This makes Rillaboom a very tanky Pokémon that can soak some damage and dish it out in return with its decent Attack stat, especially when Dynamaxed in which it commands an absurdly large set of wooden drums. When equipped with moves such as Wood Hammer, U-Turn, and Grassy Glide, it becomes a ferocious opponent.

Despite its outward ferocity, the Pokedex indicates that the best drummer of a troop of wild Rillaboom becomes the boss, though apparently valuing harmony among its group.

3. Decidueye


The final evolution of Gen VII’s Rowlet line, The Arrow Quill Pokémon, is not only a personal favorite of mine but a well-rounded member of any team.

Utilizing a rather effective defensive typing of Ghost / Grass type and a high Special Attack stat, as well as the unique move Spirit Shackle that deals damage and prevents the opponent from fleeing, this owl archer phantom creature is a must-have for any Grass Type Pokémon enthusiast.

Its Pokedex entry informs that it can knock and fire an arrow quill in a tenth of a second, piercing an opponent’s weak point before they notice what’s happening.

2. Kartana


The terrifying and mysterious Ultra Beast known as Kartana wields the Grass / Steel type. However, unlike the previously mentioned Ferrothorn, The Drawn Sword Pokémon has incredibly high Attack, Defense, and Impressive Speed, making it very difficult to defend against without preparation.

When combined with its ability Beast Boost, allowing its highest stat to be boosted when it defeats an opposing Pokémon, Kartana is simply deadly in the hands of the right trainer.

Its Pokedex reflects its speed and ferocity, claiming that one stroke of its blade could fell an entire steel tower.

1. Shaymin


Our top pick for this list is the Legendary Gratitude Pokémon Shaymin.

This mythical Pokémon has two forms, enabling it to swap between its Land and Sky forms for different situations. The Land form is the lesser of the two, though its ability Natural Cure (enabling Shaymin to heal status conditions upon being switched out), expansive move pool, and evenly distributed stats make it a pain to deal with.

However, its Sky form prioritizes Speed above all else, as well as its fantastic ability Serene Grace, allowing the secondary effects of each move to be doubled. Overall, I’d consider Shaymin to be the most versatile Grass-type Pokémon on this list.

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