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Top 33 Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods [2024]

Top 33 Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods [2024]

Released in 2018, Kingdom Come Deliverance is a role-playing action game that is set in medieval times.

The game is known for delivering historically accurate content and focus on the finer details. The game received great praise from the critics for the extreme realism that it has.

However, nothing is perfect without the modding community and their love for mods. So, here we have the top 30 best Kingdom Come Deliverance mods that will bring an entirely different gaming experience. Let’s go!

Best Kingdom Come Deliverance Mods

33. More Responsive Targeting

More Responsive Targeting

Small mods that target specific areas of gameplay are greatly appreciated because they typically fix niche problems. The More Responsive Targeting mod focuses on fixing the dynamic locking in KCD.

With this mod, you don’t have to stay locked on one target, and the locking distances are increased. This allows you to lock in on a crowd and move in to engage instead.

The newest version of this mod also allows you to freelook during combat. The camera also won’t move automatically unless your character is being attacked.

32. Richer Merchants

Richer Merchants

The Richer Merchants mod increases the amount of wealth of every merchant in the game.

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or not, most people know how frustrating it can be when the merchants don’t have a lot of gold or other currency on their person.

So, when you’re looking for some quick cash, they can’t help! But with this mod, you can choose how much merchants will have every cycle.

This mod comes in 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 wealth amounts, making it easier to barter and sell.

31. Very Unintrusive Reticle

Very Unintrusive Reticle

Minor details can affect gameplay greatly, without even you realizing it. Kingdom Come Deliverance’s user interface already isn’t as sleek as other games, so a few mods to spruce it up improves it!

The Very Unintrusive Reticle mod replaces the yellow dot in the center of the screen with a more transparent reticle.

So, while playing, you don’t have to stare at the bright yellow dot at the center of the screen the whole time.

30. Lock Picking Overhaul

Oh, how frustrating minigames can get when it comes to lockpicking. The tenacity required to open that sucker up.

Well, good thing you don’t have to go through the painstaking process with lock picking overhaul. Now simply unlock any lock in the game without having to go through solving the minigame.

However, there is a catch, though. With this mod, you can open any lock instantly if your skill level surpasses the locks. However, if it doesn’t, well… you’ve got to play the darn minigame.

The best thing about this mod is that whatever lock you pick, it’ll label it for you so that you know what you’ve opened when you’re out looking for some treasures.

29. Sectorial Lockpicking

This one is for those who want to go through playing the minigame rather than instantly opening the lock.

This is because many want to stay true to the base game and experience it how it is, however, it would require a bit of guidance.

The sectorial lockpicking is the way to go then. The mod enables a visual aid that guides gamers on where the cursor should be to open the lock.

No more relying on the simple yellow hover zone. The mod doesn’t make lockpicking a breeze in the park but a tad bit easier.

28. Better Trainers

How does training and making money at the same time sound? If that’s something that fancies your tickle, then get better trainers.

It gives you control in building your character; however, you can take your character to the next level by making it overpowered with this mod.

It removes level requirements and completely eliminates training costs. But you can ramp up the costs of training to make the game more challenging for yourself. We doubt anyone will do that.

27. Unlimited Saving

The game has an interactive component to it meaning you can only save the game when you go to bed or exit the game.

This also includes autosave as well. This can limit the kind of decisions players can make as the saves are very limited.

However, with unlimited saving, you can change all that. Now you don’t have to live with the choices you’ve made as with this mod, you get unlimited saving opportunities.

Save whenever you want, even without your brandy or schnapps, whichever drink you prefer.

However, you do get 30 saved slots, after which you need to overwrite existing save files if you want to save more. But 30 is better than none.

26. Sorted Inventory

Sorted Inventory

With so many items in the game and also in your pockets, it can become very hard to search through your inventory.

Although you can sort the items yourself into categories, that would take time and also focus on this particular task, which you can spend on the game instead.

Good thing for us OCD freaks is that there is a mod by the name of sorted inventory to do all this for you.

The mod helps categorize items in your inventory according to the item type by attaching a prefix to every item.

This automatically makes things easier, and players can navigate quickly to what they want while spending more time focusing on the game itself.

25. Durable Armor and Weapons

What makes this game shine is its mechanics and how it pursues realism. The weapons and armors degrade upon use and eventually need to be repaired.

You might find that some times the repairs may be more often than you would want.

Toughen up your tools with durable armor and weapons. The mod enables your armor, weapon, and tools to take more battering than usual, making it more durable so that you don’t have to repair it that often.

The mod has several versions that allow items to be durable almost twice as much, while you can also increase its durability up to 100 times. That’ll last you the whole game, we figure.

24. Right Mouse Button

Right Mouse Button

Don’t you have those MMO RPG mouses that have tons of buttons that you can program?

These mouses can aid in playing a game completely with a single mouse, however, if you don’t have that and want more functionalities in your standard mouse, then get more functions for the right mouse button mod.

With this mod, you don’t need to reach for backspaces or esc buttons or others but rather have similar functionalities using your mouse.

Do more with your mouse by skipping cutscenes, closing the map, skipping conversations, and more. There are a few things to remember, but it’s well worth it.

23. Better Vanilla Hud

Better Vanilla Hud

Having minimal complications in a game and keeping it stylish are a few factors that can make the game more immersive for gamers. Now imagine having both these things in your HUD.

Better vanilla HUD keeps things simple by reducing the size of things found in the HUD, such as your health bar, the compass, and more.

It even changes the colors of certain elements making the game more interesting as your focus gets diverted to the game rather than such elements.

Such small things are unnoticeable at first, however, once you’ve got your attention to it, it might seem hideous, and hence this mod is our savior to unsee what has been seen.

22. First-person Herb Picking

First Person Herb Picking

Ah, this is a mod that might excite weed-pickers.

Those that fancy a bit of farming and want to increase their herbalism skills might find that picking up plants will take you to a third-person view, which can at times become more annoying than you would have thought.

A Constant third-person view every time to harvest can get you agitated. Hence, we introduce first-person herb picking.

This does exactly what you’re thinking right now, yes, it keeps you in the first-person view when picking herbs.

It doesn’t ruin the gameplay experience and keeps everything consistent, which adds to the immersion.

21. Less Intrusive Map Icons

As mentioned previously, keeping things to the minimal helps in creating a great gaming experience, and in this case, less intrusive map icons do the job just right.

Big icons are great if you’re further from your monitor, however, playing on a PC with the monitor right in front of you can be distasteful.

It turns the icons slightly translucent or a bit visible to preserve the ancient-looking map with less intrusive map icons.

This can make the viewing map less clustered. It changes most of the icons to almost half of their original size, which is perfect for users playing the game on a PC.

20. No Gps and Remove Compass

No Gps And Remove Compass

What’s a game without a bit of a challenge? Create an immersive environment with no GPS and remove compass mod.

The mod will remove you from the map every time you reach out for the map. There are two variants to this mod.

The basic version will center the map to your location without actually showing you on it, however, if you’re up for a larger challenge, then get the full version of the mod.

It’ll remove you completely from the map and will only center the map on the last spot you added a map marker.

The challenging part is understanding the map and finding your way around the game without relying on your location. This is the time where you get to fulfill your Indiana jones expedition dreams.

19. Midnight Armor Set

Midnight Armor Set

Stealth requires disappearing in the common public while wearing rags and additional clothing accessories like hats, masks, and more.

In Kingdom Come Deliverance is a bit different. Thieves wear black robes, which don’t stand out at all. Since you can’t change that, why not wear black robes that are stylish.

Get midnight armor set and get an array of gorgeous black robes and gowns to hide yourself in style.

It keeps the game style intact while giving you a new fresh look that is actually much needed.

18. Perkaholic


Perkaholic will add additional perks to the list of already pre-existing perks that you have in the game. It adds perks even on bow, polearm, and also when you’re unarmed.

This is perfect as perks added for agility results in much lower damage upon falling while you can get more speed sprinting while being unarmed.

During combats, increase your damage while lessening the life drainage you get from being wounded.

Perkaholic also adds more accuracy to bow and has a higher chance for critical damage through poisoning. Check it out.

17. More Artwork Loading Screens

One of the sad things about Kingdom Come Deliverance is the limited loading screens.

There is a lot of artwork for the game out there on the internet, however, the game only features four loading screens.

This can get boring and repetitive; hence we suggest more artwork loading screens.

The mod introduces new artwork loading screens that will change the boring landscape of the loading screen.

It has real concept art and great illustrations that can be found on official sites for the game.

Now be able to admire the beautiful scenery and new interesting characters in the loading screen. There are over 23 new artworks that will keep things hyped up.

16. Restore Halberds

Restore Halberds

Why can you not use polearms as primary weapons in the game? Let’s change it up with restore halberds.

The polearm that is featured on your character in the game is turned to primary weapons using this mod and introduces an experience bar.

Now turn your character into a two-handed combat machine or a single weapon with a shield in your other hand. You can even wield a weapon while on a horse’s back.

Don’t limit yourself to the basic vanilla game, take things up a notch with restore halberd.

15. Bow Dot Reticle

How many times has it happened that you’ve missed your arrow shot because of the intrusive HUD that makes you aim on the body and not the head?

The aiming dot disappears when you’ve got your bow equipped, which can be painful. This can also be very annoying; hence a mod to make bow shots more accurate is bow dot reticle.

No more shooting the ground as there is a reticle in the middle of the screen to let you know what you’re shooting at.

This makes aiming much easier than just shooting in the dark.

14. Roads Are Dangerous

Roads Are Dangerous

Not everybody loves fast traveling in the game as the ambushes can ramp up many stress levels.

Then there are people that enjoy being ambushed to teach those good for nothing that they’ve barked up the wrong tree.

The mod roads are dangerous for those kinds of gamers as it increases the probability of players running into ambushes during fast travel.

It even provides an option whereby gamers can add different enemies, various enemy encounters like merry lads, berserkers, and more.

13. No Helmet Vision

Sometimes immersion can put you off the game, and, in this case, when you’re wearing a helmet, it completely ruins the game for you.

The helmet vision puts you off, and thanks to the modding community, now we have no helmet vision.

It does exactly what it says on the tin, removes the helmet vision trading immersion for quality of life.

Now you can have your skull safe with a helmet but also have a great vision allowing you to see everything rather than the previous visual limitations when wearing a helmet.

This does remove the realism from the game, but it’s a sacrifice that many are willing to make.

12. No Stamina Visual Effects

No Stamina Visual Effects

The game focuses on being as real as it can get to reality, which can be a bit too much at times.

Say, for example, getting out of breath, so your screen starts to blur, and the audio changes too.

This can be annoying as well, and that is why we have no stamina visual effects.

Get rid of these pesky blurry visual notifications that start to occur once you’re low on stamina.

There are currently three variants in the mod, one that removes only visual cues, other than removes audio cues, while the third one removes both visual and audio cues.

11. Henry Grows a Beard

Henry Grows A Beard

Beards have become a symbol of machismo and strength but also a recent fashion trend that has allowed men in beards to look competent and stylish.

Henry grows a beard is a mod that enables the main protagonist, Henry himself, to have facial hair.

Yes! We’re not pulling your leg on this one. Now you can walk manly across the map and let everyone know that a warrior, strong macho man is coming along, make way.

Let everyone know you’re here for business. The beard even matches his hair color too.

10. Volumetric Fog Enabler

Volumetric Fog Enabler

Kingdom come deliverance has some stunning views, and there is no doubt about it. However, to add atmosphere to the entire game, a bit of fog can do the trick just fine.

With the volumetric fog enabler, you can easily add a bit of fog to the game-enhancing the immersion and making you feel that you’re in the dark ages.

As the houses and trees become distant in the fog, you’re reminded of how a simple thing like fog can make the scenery even more breathtaking.

Once again, a huge thanks to the modding community to pick up where the developers left off.

9. Blood Mod – Alpha

A few things can make kingdom come deliverance more immersive than before, and realistic blood splatters is one of them.

As the blood splatters upon the swing of your sword, you feel a rush like never before. You feel like you’re there in the ground and experiencing it in real-time.

You, too, can have that feeling with blood mod – alpha. The mod allows gamers to splatter blood in each fight and in each swing, letting you know that victory is just in arm’s reach.

The mod makes it so real that there won’t be any blood when you’re hitting armor.

However, once your weapon cuts through the armor, blood will start to splatter across walls, tables, floors, and everywhere else.

8. NPC Complains Less

Npc Complains Less

You thought your friend nags you a lot in real life, wait till you start bumping into people in this game.

The constant bickering and complaining whenever you bump into NPC, or we like to call them the sensitive bunch, can have you riled up.

It creates a huge distraction and can tend to annoy you more than you would think.

Now with NPC complains less mod, get rid of all the complaining from NPCs. The mod makes it difficult for Henry to make the NPCs angry at him.

7. Stay Clean Longer

We’ve already introduced a mod earlier that would please OCD fans, but here’s another one that we think should be on this list.

As your character starts to walk a few meters, he gets covered in dirt and mud.

This might be a great look of a warrior gone through hell, but trust us, sometimes being squeaky clean is the way to go.

With this mod, stay cleaner longer, the gaming mechanisms ensure that it’s difficult for you to get dirty.

It even makes it feel immersive as you’ll slowly start to get dirty rather than an immediate caked in mud situation.

6. Pebbles Is the Best Horse

Pebbles Is The Best Horse

The game has many different horses that you’ll come across, with one better than the other. However, there is one that will put everyone to shame, and it’s pebbles.

You might think, but why pebbles, isn’t he really slow? Yes, but we love pebbles and with pebbles is the best horse mod slow is not something to worry about.

Introducing super-charged pebbles that’s even faster than pegasus, watch your noble steed become the best with this mod.

Those that feel like it’s cheating, not really, you just have a really fast horse.

5. Henry Face Customizations

We wouldn’t have a listicle if there weren’t any appearance altering mods. Henry face customizations will help you change the appearance of Henry.

He might look a bit too bland and boring, so with the beard mod mentioned earlier and this one, you can completely change the way Henry looks.

Alter his face, hair, and eyes and make him either too rugged or a sensitive politically correct man in the wrong timeline. Whichever floats your boat, hey, we’re not judging.

4. Perfection Reshade

Perfection Reshade

Finally, a reshade mod in kingdom come deliverance that will have you overjoyous. Perfection reshade makes really small graphical changes that makes the game look attractive.

It doesn’t change too much of the details in the game. However, the colors are more vivid while there is heightened contrast.

Now have a cinematic look, which definitely adds to the game’s overall experience, making it more epic.

3. Cheat

There have been trainer mods for a long time, and cheat is no different.

Cheat helps gamers add a console command, which is perfect for those that want to have a bit of fun.

Now you can spawn as many NPCs as you’d like, teleport, have unlimited saves, and more.

Be able to manipulate money while increasing perks, skills, and stats are also added to the new update.

This mod allows you to do everything from decreasing/increasing wanted level to adding merchants in the game.

Lighten up a bit and enjoy the game as if no moderator was watching you, let your evil side out, and have a bit of fun along the way.

2. Unlimited Weight

Unlimited Weight

As you come to the end of this listicle, you’ll start to notice that the most pressing and needed mods are found at the end.

Unlimited weight allows gamers to carry as many items as they want without being burdened by them.

Many games have added this feature and made their games more realistic by slowing down characters upon lifting too many items.

This is a hindrance to those who like to hoard items. hence, unlimited weight will definitely be your friend for a long time.

1. Bushes – Collision Remover

Finally, someone made a mod that would remove all the pain in our lives.

Remember all the times during your travels that you would bump into a bush and you’d get blocked, so you had to find a path around them.

Well, guess what? An angel from the modding community was able to remove the bushes block with the collision remover mod.

Be able to move freely at will without any hindrance with this mod and feel amazing as you do so.

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