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Top 16 Best Steel Type Pokemon in [2024]

Top 16 Best Steel Type Pokemon in [2024]

Steel type pokémons are some of the coolest types of pokémons in the history of the series. They are immune to a host of different types of pokémons, making them a must-have in your team. Steel types are absolute powerhouses, giving you a perfect balance between attack and defense. T

hey might look rowdy and intimidating, but steel type pokémons have a few weaknesses too. Fire, fighting, and ground type pokémons perform relatively well against steel type pokémons.

But that takes nothing away from how the awesome steel type pokémons are. So we have compiled a list of the top 16 steel type pokémons throughout the series.

Best Steel Type Pokemon

1. Steelix


When we talk about steel, Steelix is the absolute king. It is an evolved form of Onyx. But unlike its pre-evolution stage, Steelix is made of pure steel – giving it an overall better stats. Steelix is super capable, especially when it comes to hiding under the ground.

You won’t know where the next attack is coming from. That’s why Steelix is an obvious choice on this list. Steelix has the power to dig even to the Earth’s core, and using its powerful jaws, Steelix can easily crush any boulder that comes in its way.

It is said that Steelix was formed due to the composition of Onyx shifting more towards a diamond rather than a rock.

2. Dialga


We’re moving to the legendary sphere with Dialga. Dialga is the Generation IV legendary pokémon that comes with a combo type of steel and dragon. Apart from having a flawless defense, Dialga also has the ability to meddle with time itself.

By meddling, we mean it can stop, slow, or speed up time. Thanks to a solid defense, Dialga can go head to head with another legendary pokémon called Palkia, which is the arch-enemy of Dialga. In the Sinnoh myths, Dialga is considered as a deity who can change time itself.

3. Lucario


Lucario is an evolved form of Riolu. Throughout the series, we see Lucario as a loyal pokémon that serves its master for a lifetime.

However, Lucario does have a lot of pride. Lucario being a steel type Pokémon, still has the best attack stats on paper. And the best part about choosing Lucario is that it can mega evolve further, and to be honest, the mega evolution is pretty sick.

Lucario prefers living away from humans in caves and mountains due to its rarity, and people always want to catch it.

4. Aggron


Aggron is a very aggressive pokémon with some of the unique abilities. Attacks like Heavy Slam would make a chewing gum out of any pokémon. Aggron’s design resembles a samurai, and it’s not hard to see why. Aggron has the marks of experience on its body.

The more scar it has, the more experience an Aggron is. Despite looking like a ruthless pokémon, in reality, it’s a pretty kind one. Aggron loves to eat iron, and the longer its horns are, the more aged an Aggron is.

5. Skarmory


A bird fitted into an armor – Skarmory is a flying pokémon that is pretty much immune to all ground type pokémons. It is not only immune to ground attacks but to poison as well. Besides, Skarmory’s stats are better than most pokémons of this type.

It can fly up to 180 mph, making it one of the fastest flying pokémons. In ancient times, Skarmory’s wings were used by warriors to fight in battles.

6. Scizor


The evolved form of Scyther, Scizor, is a Generation II pokémon with a combo of steel and bug type. Scizor is made of steel all around its body, and it can literally put a hole in any object you’d like to test it for.

Even though Scizor has wings, it isn’t a flying type pokémon. The flaps help it regulate its body temperatures and stabilize the jumping and attacking moves.

7. Metagross


Ever since its introduction, Metagross is considered to be the king of metal and steel pokémon. It has a great defense and equally great attack stats. Even after armoring Metagross with such sturdy and powerful features, Game Freak didn’t stop there.

They gave it a Mega Evolution, which turned the whole scene upside down. Metagross prefers to explode alongside the enemy if it sees the smallest probability of losing.

8. Solgaleo


Without a doubt, Solgaleo is one of the unique steel type pokémons on our list. It’s a legendary steel slash psychic pokémon that slays. It is well known for the awesome HP and attack. Solgaleo has a design that will make you want to include it in your collection.

The shiny and flashy body of Solgaleo is not the only interesting thing about it. Solgaleo has a couple of useful attacks – one of which is Sunsteel Strike. Solgaleo is also known as “the beast that devours the sun.”

9. Genesect


Genesect is another unique and powerful steel type Pokémon. When it comes to its abilities, Genesect will leave no stones unturned. It is a bug and steel type Pokémon, and thanks to its unique powers, it can stand tall against most other Pokémon types.

Genesect was developed by Team Plasma in the quest to make the most powerful pokémon out there, and the result shows.

10. Mawile

Up next, we have Mawile, which is one of the most charismatic steel type pokémons you will ever come across. Mawile is a fashion statement in itself because when it comes to the design, Mawile absolutely rules. It is fast and has great trapping abilities.

Mawile is usually shown to be found in caves. On the surface, Mawile looks harmless. But if an enemy comes within its reach, Mawile won’t hesitate to use its jaws to pinch and kill the enemy.

11. Magnezone


Magnezone is an evolution of Magneton, and it possesses steel and electric powers. Now imagine you’re fighting a water-type pokémon. If you have some steel type, you will definitely think about reinforcing. However, Magnezone isn’t going to flinch.

Thanks to the electrical abilities, Mangnezone has the fewest of weaknesses, and only ground types can stand against it. Using its powerful magnetic field, it controls and levitates the air. In the anime version, Mangezone is shown to lift people as well.

12. Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn has been a primary choice of many trainers for trapping purposes. It was introduced in the Black and White series, and when it comes to laying traps, Ferrothorn is an absolute beast.

Along with excellent defense that would last for a long time, it also has some decent attacking capabilities that will take your competitor by surprise. The spikes all around Ferrothorn are harder than steel.

Using its two feelers, Ferrothorn can absorb different nutrients and enhance its powers as well. However, it is primarily used for laying traps.

13. Perrserker


Well, you just know it’s a pun right there. Folks at Game Shark love to play with words. And Perrserker is no exception. For a pokémon that is a cat and has a puny size, Perrserker is a perfect name.

Thanks to Team Rocket, Meowth is one of the most popular pokémons, and Perrserker is an evolved form of Meowth. Well, it’s actually a Galarian form of Meowth. When it comes to abilities,

It boasts a sneaky steel type attack where it enhances its defense and attack. Regardless, Perrserker is a super rare Pokémon. Unlike Meowth, Perrserker likes to show rage during battle. Perrserker is the exact opposite of Persian.

14. Aegislash


Here’s a pokémon that is actually known for its purpose. Aegislash is popular as the royal guard in the series.

It is a mix of ghost and steel type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VI. Aegislash has surprisingly good attack and defense. On top of that, it can also manipulate people and pokémon. Aegislah is a legendary pokémon that is known to have served the kings of different eras.

On the other hand, it was also accused of stealing the life force of a king that resulted in the fallout of the whole kingdom. Aegislash’s deeds are nothing short of extraordinary.

15. Duraludon


Duraludon is the all-in-one package for steel lovers out there. No matter what you need, Duraludon has got you covered. It has an excellent attack, proper defense, and awesome trap laying skills.

It’s a dragon slash steel type Pokémon that makes for an invincible fighter in a battle. Looking at Duraludon’s body structure, it can withstand attacks of any magnitude.

Not only that, but it can also move at a very high speed. Dualudon lives in caves to stay away from rains because its body starts to corrode when exposed to rain.

16. Empoleon


We are rounding off the list with Empoleon. It’s the final evolution of our adorable little guy Piplup that is the arch-enemy of Infernape.

Fighting history aside, Emopleon possesses some cool moves. It’s a water type Pokémon that doubles as a steel type. The combination makes it highly immune to any fire pokémon out there. The edges of Empoleon’s wings can slice through most things. Empoleon is a pokémon filled with pride.

Once it notices someone hurting its pride, it uses the golden claws to hunt them down for revenge.

Final Thoughts

Steel pokémons are never boring. They have some of the coolest powers in the series, and the combinations put them in better positions in battles. So what are you waiting for? Gotta catch them all!

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