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Top 26 Best Rock-type Pokémon [2024]

Top 26 Best Rock-type Pokémon [2024]

The Rock type is a solid, sturdy member of any half-decent Pokémon team known for their durability and a surprising amount of design diversity for being….well, based on rocks. In this list, we’ll cut the peb-bull and discuss the Top 26 Rock Pokémon from Generations I-VIII.

Also, brace for an excessive amount of rock puns. You’ve been warned.

Best Rock-type Pokémon

26. Shuckle

To kick things off, a controversial pick.

The dual Rock / Bug typed Shuckle is the definition of min-maxing, taking inhuman Defence and Special Defence stats tied with a later contender on the list and leaving the rest in the gutter. This strange worm in a shell talks a big game with the previously mentioned stats but ultimately comes short.

That being said, I can think of very few Pokémon like Shuckle when it comes to infuriating both you and your opponent. Combine that with its oddly charming design, and you have one of Generation II’s biggest oddities.

25. Barbaracle


Generation VI’s Barbacle is known less for its effectiveness as a Pokémon but as one of the uglier designs on this list, composed of hand-like appendages and it’s a plentiful amount of eyes.

But with its critical damage increasing Ability Sniper and fairly well-rounded attack and defense stats, this Rock / Water type certainly has an interesting niche when its ability and moves like the popular Stone Edge are considered.

Otherwise, amongst the other more popular Pokémon of its typing, Barbaracle is essentially the biggest loser with a singular trick up its sleeve.

24. Corsola


Finally, a brightly colored design!

This straightforwardly named Coral Pokémon comes from the seas of Generation II’s Johto, packing the suitably given Regenerator Ability allowing Corsola to restore a rounded-down 1/3rd of its health.

Sadly, whilst it’s stats are fairly mediocre and nothing much to write about, it’s designed certainly can. This stubby little fellow rocks with its pastel blue and pink color scheme and even received some love with the most recent entry in the franchise, receiving a new variant and evolution in the form of GalarianCorsola and Cursola.

23. Solrock / Lunatone


These two funky Psychic / Rock types come from not just the inky blackness of space on a meteorite (giving them their title of the Meteorite Pokémon) but from Generation III

Possessing the ability Levitate makes these two immune to any type of Ground-type move, though that can’t save them from being more or less interchangeable, unlike what they are supposed to resemble. At least the lore from the trusty Pokedex saves them from total obscurity, like Lunatone being able to transfix all those who look at its deep red eyes with fear and how Solrock can sense what it’s foes are thinking.

Not bad for a pair of rocks, really.

22. Stonjourner

As expected for a Pokémon resembling THE ACTUAL STONEHENGE, Generation VIII’s Stonjourner can hit like an ancient Celtic curse, able to take a beating and a half, and can increase the power of its allies moves through its ability Power Spot, making it this list only supports role pure Rock Pokémon.

Other than its oddly charming yet very simple design, it’s move-pool can fit a fair few powerful physical moves such as Heat Crash and the greatest move ever known to a twelve-year-old – Earthquake.

21. Coalossal


Originally appearing as the very mockableRolycoly and Carkoal by people who never thought there could be a car Pokémon, the Rock / Fire-type Coalossal is another niche exploiting, stubby-legged final form.

Whether it’s by using Abilities like Steam Engine that massively increase its Speed stat upon being hit by a Fire or surviving a Water-type move, or utilizing the status inflicting Will-O-Wisp, this dork can be customized fairly well for those exploring the Galar region. Its internal furnace also heats at approximately 2700 degrees Fahrenheit, a few short of my mixtape.

20. Drednaw


Sporting a diverse move-pool, this shellraising glow-up of its previous form Chewtle possesses a Rock / Water-type.

However, unlike Corsola, the Bite Pokémon can take punishment either in or outside of its Kaiju-like Gigantamax form that can, according to a mixture of Pokedex information and myth, chew up a mountain and used the rubble to stop the flood of a river. That’s pretty metal, not going to lie.

With the ability Shell Armor, critical hits just straight up don’t work on this not so naw-ful turtle. Otherwise, Drednaw marks a point in this list where the Pokémon get pretty solid.

19. Golem


A true classic, Golem acts as the beefy conclusion to the Geodude evolutionary line – where Geodude becomes a Geo-Chad.

With it’s equally powerful Attack and Defence stats and ability Sturdy, Golem can take attacks that would otherwise take it down and keep it hanging on to let loose a strong physical attack or, if you are like yours truly, let loose a Self-Destruct to just make people mad.

Though, as to be expected by now, its Speed is lacklustre. Don’t worry; you have five others in your party, right?

18. Magcargo

The Generation III Lava Pokémon Magcargo is very much like a snail but not in the way that Shuckle is like a… Turtle? With its low HP and Speed stat, this Fire / Rock Pokémon is best used with its Ability Weak Armor to make up for its weaknesses and shift them into its favor.

One thing to note is that its Pokedex entry states that its body temperature is 18,000F, which is roughly double the temperature of the surface of the sun. I just thought to include that for the people who thought that living in the Pokémon Universe would be a fun old time.

17. Sudowoodo


This deceptive little so and so was Johto’sSnorlax in terms of being a living obstacle. However, instead of playing the PokeFlute to raise it from its slumber, a spritz from the prized SquirtBottle exposes the Imitation Pokémon.

However, other than its concrete solid design and use in the anime as Brock’s faithful companion during the Sinnoh Arc, the pure Rock-type offers scant battle advantages other than the previously mentioned Sturdy Ability and the interesting Rock Head, preventing any recoil damage.

16. Crustle


A fairly humble chap and one of them, sadly, few crab Pokémon across the series, the dual-type Bug / Rock Stone Home Pokémon Crustle shares many similarities with Magcargo, including the Abilities Weak Armour and Shell Armour, allowing it to improve on its mediocre Speed stat.

However, if its boulder is broken in battle, it begins to weaken, says the Pokedex, as well as able to pierce the carapace of one of our list’s higher tiers. Thankfully, Game Freak doesn’t have a cruel enough sense of humor to incorporate that in the battle.

15. Onix


A reminder of nostalgia and to add another of Best Gym Leader’s crew, Onix looks right out of legend, Crystal or otherwise. Sure, a big rock snake isn’t the best example of creativity, but Gen I was a reminder of a simpler time.

Perhaps one of the best Stealth Rock users on this list, the 95th Pokémon boasts an impressive Defence stat but an oddly high-Speed stat, too, reflected in its Pokedex entry that states that Onix can move at up to 50 MPH across the surface of the ground. Well, a fast Rock type is a nice change of pace anyway.

14. Archeops


The rather daft looking Archeops is the first of the Fossil Pokémon on this list, giving some much-needed representation to the ‘dinosaurs look cool with feathers’ camp.

Whilst it’s stats are pretty impressive, especially in the Attack and Special Attack areas, the Rock / Flying-type possesses the curse of an Ability that is Defeatist, halving the poor thing’s Attack and Special Attack stats when lower than half of its health. Though for some players, I can imagine this gives them a bevy of strategies with the First Bird Pokémon.

13. Gigalith


If you were to think of a stereotypical Rock-type Pokémon from just the name alone, Gigalith is that Pokémon.

A hulking beast of rocks and gems, the Compressed Pokémon itself moves at a snail’s pace and hits like a tank shell with its ever-so-slightly higher Attack stat. However, the real secret weapon of this Pokémon is the use of the move Sandstorm and its ability Sand Force, allowing Rock, Steel, and Ground-type attacks to do 30% more damage in the weather.

If you can work around Gigalith’s weaknesses, it can be a real gem to use!

12. Aerodactyl


One half of the first pair of Fossil Pokémon from Generation I, the… Well, Fossil Pokémon Aerodactyl commits a cardinal sin compared to the others listed so far. Due to its Rock / Flying-type and impressive Attack and Speed stat, Aerodactyl is quite the apex predator, despite its susceptibility to the likes of that old thorn in the side, Stealth Rock.

Combine that with further all-around stat boosts earned through Mega Evolution and the Ability Tough Claws, increasing the strength of contact physical moves by 30%, and you can see why this guy got hit by the greatest nerf of all: extinction.

11. Omastar


Rejoice, members of the cult of Helix, for our Water / Rock lord is here to grace you with his glorious presence.

Bow down before his vast move pool and bountiful Special Attack stat. The Spiral Pokémon is known not only for being a surreal Twitch Plays Pokémon meme but also for having terrifying Pokedex entries, though I suppose that’s not very unique these days. One of them has the lovely distinction of sucking out the Pokémon Shellder’s insides, whilst others state that it tears at prey with its sharp fangs.

Y’know, in a kid’s game.

10. Carracosta


Surprise! It’s another Rock / Water Pokémon! But is it more unique than its predecessors, or have some form of an interesting gimmick? A few, really.

Aqua Jet allows our turbulent turtle to strike first. It’s ability Swift Swim can allow for a brilliant doubled Speed stat in rainy weather to make up for its suitably crap base stat and a mask already onto its design, so it’s prepared to take on the Foot Clan. What’s not to like about this Generation V fossilized Prototurtle Pokémon.

And, no, I didn’t make up the word Prototurtle.

9. Probopass


Possibly the most controversial pick on this list, Gen IV’s Probopass and its Rock / Steel typing don’t seem to sit with people and their love for cutesy Pocket Monsters. I spit at these people, of course, and relish my big multi-nosed, iron-filing ‘stached Compass Pokémon.

It’s also one of the few Pokémon on this list to have a significant Special Defence AND Defence stat, complementing its 4x resistance to all those bloody Normal and Flying-type Pokémon. Add a highly customizable move-set, and Probopass can certainly stand out and leave a reputation more than ‘hurdurugli.’

I hope anyway.

8. Bastiodon


They said to be there or be square, Bastiodon, and you chose the latter.

Jokes aside, Gen IV’s flat-faced fossil Pokémon is one hell of a tank, perhaps the biggest example on the list in terms of specializing into the stereotype. With both Defense and Special Defence stats in the stratosphere whilst all other stats sit in the dark, the Shield Pokémon with an absence in the entry that shares his name is quite the brick wall.

Just don’t put him within two miles of the nearest fighting type, and our Rock / Steel dinosaur should be fine, I promise.

7. Cradily

Hands down the best-looking fossil Pokémon in the franchise, the Barnacle Pokémon Cradily possesses not only a rare typing of Grass / Rock but also the Ability Storm Drain, which allows those foolish enough to exploit what they think is a Water-type weakness with both egg on their face and a Cradily with a boosted Special Attack, not to mention patching the weakness entirely.

Combine this with a move-pool containing Toxic, Recover, and Giga Drain, and Cradily can set up dire situations for the enemy team. Just don’t let it do what it says in the Pokedex entries. That would be hard to explain to the trainers you come across.

6. Alolan Golem

Alolan Golem

Finally, the Wispa Gold to Golem’s regular Wispa, if that makes any sense.

Sporting a magnetically charged beard (the best kind) and a back-mounted rail-gun, not to mention trading in its Ground-type for the polar opposite Electric-type, Alolan Golem has quite possibly the best glow-up of any Gen I Pokémon on this list.

With access to the ability Galvanise, opponents can be well and truly dumbfounded as normal movies such as Giga Impact hit with Electric Damage and at a 20% boost in power. Despite this, it shares the same base stats as the original variant. That being said, you know damn well, which one looks better.

5. Rhyperior


One of the golden children of Gen VI and the evolution to the, technically, first Pokémon Rhydon, Rhyperior is a true Rock / Ground beast.

Whether it’s the min-maxing of Attack, Defence, and HP whilst keeping itself faster than half of the mentioned list thus far or its Ability LightningRod, that further improves on its immunity to Electric-type moves by increasing its lacking Special Attack, Rhyperior is not to be messed with. If you’re looking for a Pokémon to pierce the metaphorical heavens, you need not look any further.

4. Aggron


The Samsung Fridge of Pokémon, the Iron Armour Pokémon Aggron has perhaps the best balance of Defence to Speed on this list.

Other than its appearance is based on the Korean iron eating monster Bulgasari, Aggron is a badass, through and through and can keep up with most moves in its move-pool, especially weight-based ones such as Heavy Metal can double the effectiveness of moves like Heavy Slam.

But what about Mega Aggron? The highest Defence Stat on this list, and an Ability that reduces super-effective damage by 25% whilst still maintaining its decent Speed stat? Sign me up!

3. Regirock


This ancient supercomputer, pure Rock-type, a mystery to all forms of modern science and most handsome of the three Regi Brothers, sits at number three on the list due to its equally legendary Defence stat and ability to take up a support role through moves such as Sunny Day and Abilities such as Clear Body, making stat lowering moves frankly useless against this ancient guy.

I also put Regirock here for the fact that his appearance in the anime scared the pants off of me. That’s not a Pokémon cry. That’s a robot possessed by a demon, man.

2. Tyrantrum


A long-awaited placement in the Pokémon series and an oddly absent one at that, the dual typed Rock / Dragon Tyrantrum takes up the number two spot on the list.

This is half because of his sick design but also due to the very spammable nature of Head Smash, a normally dangerous and risky move made harmless due to its ability of Rock Head making all recoil moves deal zero damage to the user. If that doesn’t strike your fancy, its wide move-pool can work wonders on the right opponent.

1. Tyranitar


It literally couldn’t have been anyone else, to be honest.

This Rock / Dark beast from Generation II, when it’s not winning you battles with its massive Attack stat and reasonably powerful HP, Special Defence and Defence stats, sandstorm summoning Ability Sand Stream, and ungodly, Godzilla-esque Mega Evolution that makes Tyranitar into a force of nature, it’s wiping rivers and mountains off of maps.

And hallelujah, it doesn’t move as slow as porridge! The ArmorPokémon sits at the peak of the mountain as THE top Rock Pokémon!

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