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Top 16 Best Electric Pokemon [2024]

Top 16 Best Electric Pokemon [2024]

There’s no denying that electric-type Pokemon are in a league of their own. After all, the very face of all things Pokemon is an electric rat. As much as we love everyone’s first trusty friend, though, Pikachu is hardly the strongest and best electric Pokemon out there.

So if you can’t actually catch ‘em all, make sure to at least catch the following best electric Pokemon in all the land.

Best Electric Pokemon

16. Heliolisk


This power-generating Pokemon deserves a spot on this list just for being an advocate of clean energy. Let’s say yes to sustainability! Kidding aside, the Heliolisk is a powerhouse evolution of Helioptile with a Sun Stone.

It has a very high-Speed Attack and Movement Speed, which is funny in light of the Heliolisk’s desert lizard physique. The best thing about Heliolisk is that it can learn Surf, making it a very practical addition to any team. Oh, and this one is also immune to Ghost-type skills, so knock yourself out.

15. Tapu Koko

Tapu Koko

It may not seem like it, but this reliable Alolan Melemele Island Guardian is a cross between Electric and Fairy Types. It’s no ordinary fairy, though. Tapu Koko is the fastest among the Fairy types, and its offensive prowess is mixed with well-rounded stats that make it very competitive.

Did we mention that this bad boy also generates an Electric Terrain upon entering any battlefield? Talk about synergizing with other electric types!

14. Manectric


Manectric is amazing in every regard. It has a mega evolution that makes it virtually impossible to defeat and has incredible Speed and Special Attack. It’s one of the fastest things in the entire Pokemon universe, and very few attacks can actually beat its speed.

No worries about these few attacks, though, since Manectric’s Intimidate allows it to survive either way. Apart from classic Electric-type moves, Manectric also has access to Fire and Ice-type coverage to measure up to Electric-resistant opponents.

13. Xurkitree

Purists would say that nothing beats pure type creatures, and Xurkitree is a good example of this argument. It has the highest Special Attack among all Electric-types and is dubbed by many players as the “ultimate electric sweeper.”

Maybe that’s why its design is based on a collection of tangled cables… or a very weird looking tree, perhaps? No one really knows, but we can’t really complain about its less-than-cute looks when it’s literally one of the most powerful Pokemon out there, right?

12. Thundurus


Make way for this legendary Pokemon, who is part-Electric and part-Flying type. It’s hard to believe how high its Speed Attack is,  which makes both its Therian and Incarnate forms such unbeatable forces in the hands of the right trainer. The ‘Bolt Strike Pokemon’ is a great addition for any team as a legendary Gen 5 Pokemon.

11. Zekrom


Don’t you find it a bit ironic that the main legendary Pokemon in the White version of Gen 5 is called… the Deep Black Pokemon?

That aside, Zekrom is probably the most profound Pokemon out there, because according to the Pokedex, this Electric Dragon’s goal is to help people pursue their beliefs and fight for their ideas…even if it means fighting against the majority.

So whether you’re trying to defeat a strong enemy team or you’re trying to make your mark in the world, make sure you always have a Zekrom on your side, okay?

10. Raichu


Sorry, Alolan Raichu fans. We know the cutie pie from the Alola region is irresistible and is more family-friendly, but if we’re talking about the best electric type Pokemon, the original Raichu definitely takes the cake.

He’s part of the original 151 and is even more powerful than Ash’s loyal friend and companion who just wouldn’t accept a Thunder Stone.

Still, Raichu has his own set of loyal fans because of its equalized Attack and Special Attack Values that make moves like the Wild Charge of Thunder Punch even more terrifying and awe-inducing than its bare form.

9. Magnezone


Next on the list is another classic, old-schooler, Magnezone. Take note, though, that its entire evolutionary line is given tribute in making it to this list. Magnezone may be the final and most powerful form, but thanks are still in order for Magnemite, who walked so Magnezone can run.

The only way to have this evolved version is by evolving Magnemite in a special magnetic field. The result is a Steel-Electric monster that possesses too many resistances for its high Special Attack values. Its rare Magnet Pull ability is also very bad news for any steel-type that meets it in battle.

There will be no chance of getting away once Magnezone locks in its Thunderbolt…or Flash Cannon.

8. Luxray


Luxray is one of the strongest electric and dark type combos to come out of Generation 4. He looks so awesome in the black and blue primary colors, and you’d only catch a glimpse of his being an electric type due to the sharp edges of his fur and a bit of yellow.

His stats are unbelievably high, especially his attack power, which of course, gets balanced out by his passing defense capability.

7. Rotom-wash

Rotom Wash

I have to make a distinction that the Rotom on this list is the washing machine type because, well, that’s the best! Although pretty much any kind of Rotom is cute as it is, Rotom-Wash stands out as the strongest type.

While Rotom-W doesn’t have much HP, to begin with, he makes up for it with a relatively high defense and special defense points. Plus, it’s really highly effective against ground types because of its electric-water abilities like STAB Hydro pump and Levitate. Now with those types of abilities, Rotom-Wash only needs to guard itself against grass-type moves.

6. Electivire


Some fans believe electivire is one of the ugliest Pokemon out there but, come on, let’s be real. This is not a list of Pokemon’s prettiest but the best ones so far, so Electivire is definitely getting the love it deserves.

While I do have to admit that Electivire is not the very best electric-type Pokemon, he is pretty useful in some situations, especially if he is already your ally.

5. Pikachu


I will be kidding myself if Pikachu is not among the best electric type pokemon. But we have to get real here: Pikachu is not, I repeat, not the strongest electric Pokemon ever!

However, when we talk about Pokemon, he’s probably the most famous one there is, and we cannot discount that together with Ash, Pikachu has made every other pokemon generation that followed even possible. That definitely counts as something. And come on, who could resist that cute face of his?

4. Ampharos


Going back to logic, our fourth pick is Ampharos, who has almost the same level of cuteness as Pikachu but is beefier and a lot meaner! Ampharos can dish out a pretty big amount of damage thanks to its special attack, and it can also take one for the team.

The only downside to this electric Pokemon is the fact that it’s pretty slow, which is kind of ironic given the fact that he’s, you know, an electric type. But we all know that its buffed defense and incredible offense more than makes up for that fact, so Ampharos is a pretty solid choice.

3. Raikou


While Ampharos and Pikachu are both insanely cute, Raikou looks a bit too muscular for my tastes. But I would never say no to Raikou given the fact that he is a legendary Pokemon from the second generation.

With that in mind is a pretty tough pokemon, thanks to his stats that are obviously focused on defense. So it will always be a good option to have a Raikou on your team, if you ever have that choice, especially on a rainy day.

2. Zapdos


If we’re talking about legendary Pokemon, we should definitely include Zapdos, the flying and electric type beast from Pokemon’s first generation. Zapdos is an actual thunderbird which is said to become much stronger when it gets zapped by lightning!

The only downside to this unbelievable Pokemon is the fact that it’s vulnerable to ice and rock types, which makes him pretty weak on that end.

1. Jolteon


Jolteon pretty much fits what you’d expect an electric-type Pokemon to be. Jolteon is fast, fearless, and sports the signature lightning bolt fur and color, too! Small but terrible, Jolteon may look weak with its pretty adorable fennec fox look, but you really can’t mess around with it regardless of the situation.

I know this sounds ridiculous but ask any veteran Pokemon trainer (or fan), and Jolteon would probably be their top choice, too!

Why? Well, let’s just say that even if Jolteon gets matched up with a much stronger electric-type, it’s Absorb ability will quickly wipe the smile off of Jolteon’s enemy trainer because it will be leaving that Pokemon in the dust! And yeah, that’s despite Jolteon being part of the OG pokemon list, too!

Final Thoughts

That’s about it for the list of the top 16 best electric pokemon. To be honest, coming up with this list is definitely not an easy task because there are just so many great electric type pokemon out there! But it had to be done. Jolteon is still at the top after so many years, and it doesn’t look like it’d be replaced anytime soon.

Are you feeling electrified by our choices of the top 16 best electric Pokemon of all time? Make sure you keep this list tucked somewhere for the next time you want to build an all-electric all-stars.

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