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How Trade With Piglins in Minecraft [2024]

How Trade With Piglins in Minecraft [2024]

One of the most anticipated aspects of the Nether update was the introduction of new mobs. One of the most impactful of the new group of mobs is the Piglin.

These new Nether dwellers can be traded under the right conditions, giving you access to some of the game’s rarer materials.

You can’t just walk up to one and start acting like Mr. Monopoly, though. Piglins are going to treat you as a kill on sight, so you’re going to have to roll deception.

How To Make Piglins Friendly

Piglins respect the drip. They respect it so much that they won’t attack you if you’re wearing gold armor.

It doesn’t need to be a full set, either. Any one piece of armor will do.

Just make sure you throw this on before and take it off after you actually come into contact with the Piglin. Otherwise, you’re still going to get attacked.

Trading With Piglins in Minecraft

Once you’ve donned your Minecraft Gucci, you should have no problem trading with a Piglin.

The Piglin trading system doesn’t work as it does with villagers, though. There’s no actual trading menu, and the only currency they accept is, you guessed it, gold ingots.

Either drop the ingot in front of the Piglin or use it on one. It’ll examine the ingot for a few seconds before dropping an item from a set pool itself.

There’s no way to influence this drop, and the items in the pool all have a pre-determined RNG drop rate, so be prepared to do some farming.

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