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How To Make Paper in Minecraft [2024]

How To Make Paper in Minecraft [2024]

Paper is one of the most unimportant important items in Minecraft. What I mean by that is that it has one very important one-time use, and that’s about it.

You need paper to build bookshelves, and you need bookshelves to get max level enchantments.

Sure, you could get lucky enough to get some bookshelves from a village, but you’re not going to get nearly enough to fill out a full enchantment setup.

Lucky for you, making paper is an unbelievably simple process.

Minecraft Paper Recipe

To make paper, you need some sugar cane and a crafting table. If you don’t have or know how to make a crafting table at this point, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Sugarcane grows in all biomes. You shouldn’t have a problem finding some.

If you want to make a sugarcane farm yourself, just be aware that it needs to be planted adjacent to water on at least one side.

Take three of your sugar canes and line them up on your crafting table horizontally, and tada! You’ve learned how to make paper in Minecraft.

Keep in mind that bookshelves aren’t the only use for paper. You can make maps out of the sheets, too. It’s more important that you get access to those Lv.30 enchantments, though.

You don’t need to prioritize your paper, though. Sugarcane is one of the easiest crops in the entire game to grow. Just make sure you’re not breaking the bottom layer as your harvesting.

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