Top 12 Best Bedrock Minecraft Mods [2021]

Minecraft Bedrock

Mods are a part of the PC life, and when it comes to good mods, you’d really want something that’s not too game-breaking or something that’s not boring to put in your vanilla game. Here are the top 12 best bedrock Minecraft mods that’ll make your game better.

Best Bedrock Minecraft Mods

12. Game Polish Mod

Game Polish is an incredibly good add-on that makes the game a little bit of fun. This mod is all about crafting and breaking down items into their base ingredients.

What’s good about this mod is that you never feel like you’re losing anything since you can break down an item, for example, a saddle, back to leather whilst losing the iron component.

It’s a really good mod, and it helps you decrease the downtime you need to deal with running around getting the same resources over and over again.

11. Food Add-on

LloydNya’s mod is an exciting addition to the Bedrock edition since this mod adds a new set of food that you can eat instead of relying on the same food from the vanilla over and over again. What’s good about this mod is that you can place down the food you have, say, a decoration or showcasing.

It’s a really good mod that I recommend checking out because of the amount of immersive gameplay it can offer just by having it installed.

10. Backpack Add-on

This mod is the simplest form of add-on I’ve ever seen, and being a vanilla player for at least 6 years now, having a backpack is something that’s on my mind. I’m pretty sure that more than just our inventory, we want something extra, like a pocket, to put our stuff inside.

And this is what this mod does. It adds a backpack that you can equip, put down, and pick up again. It’s incredibly useful for runs and looting since it decreases the time you need to pick up the necessary materials for your crafting and survival needs.

9. Vein Miner and Treecap Add-on

For the longest time, mining ores can be a bit of a trouble since it’s a little hassle, and the time it takes for you to be able to mine ores or chop down trees is so time-consuming that you literally have to spend a lot of time mining or cutting down trees instead of beating the living crap out of your enemies.

This add-on will make your life easier by making the mining and cutting down a little bit faster while maintaining the game’s balance so the immersion will still stick in.

8. Thirst Bar Add-on

If you’ve been playing the vanilla for quite some time now, you’re already aware of the Thirst and Hunger bar, yes?

Monitoring each of them can be quite a task, especially if the gauge is invisible, but with this mod, you’ll be able to see your Thirst gauge going down and makes it easier for you to make the right decisions, especially if you’re so focused with the game’s survival and not your own.

7. Handheld Torches Add-on

Handheld Torches add-on is an insane addition made by dakonblackrose. This mod allows you to hold your torches and have a light source without placing it on a wall or a floor.

It also adds immersion to the game since even throwing the torches, yes, throwing, will still make the torch produce light. It’s a really cool mod and adds a fun mechanic to the game by simply making it more immersive without any game-breaking changes.

6. Butchery Add-on

The Butchery add-on is all about realism and immersion. What this mod does is exactly what you think of it. Once you kill a walking food, for example, a pig, you’ll be able to extract the meat from it by using a cleaver and a knife.

It’s pretty fun to do this because it adds up a realistic approach to mobs and animals because of the knife and the cleaver’s addition. The good thing about this mod is that you get more raw food by extracting them using the cleaver, and the knife is a good way to get their skin.

For example, you can use it to skin sheep, and that’s why it’s a really good mod because it adds another way to farm resources in the most convenient manner possible.

5. Amplified Bedrock

Amplified Bedrock add-on is a good mod that you can put in your game, which adds a new feature to the game by not adding anything new. Simply put, this biome generator mod will make your overall environment more realistic without changing the codes in the generation procedure.

That means that the old and boring plains you’ve been looking for can be transformed into an almost-realistic simulation of a hill or a mountain. It’s a good mod, and it’s worth checking out.

4. More Swords Add-on

More Swords means more swords, literally. This add-on allows you to craft 10 more swords in the game. Depending on which materials you have on your inventory, you will be able to craft and use swords like Obsidian sword, if you have obsidian with you, or Nethersword if you’re in the Nether.

This mod is really good because it makes your overall survival experience supremely better than the vanilla version, where you’re only limited to craft until the diamond tier swords.

3. Better Undead Death Animations

Better Undead Death Animationis another mod that will spice up your gameplay by adding new death animations for the undead mobs, so they don’t just fall down like a tired man collapsing from overwork.

This mod adds a little bit of play into the detail of making the undead mobs die realistically. It’s funny because they’re dead already, and you want them to die, but anyway, it’s a really good mod that adds immersion to the game, and it’s worth waiting for future updates to see what they can deliver.

2. Advanced Farming Add-on

Advanced Farming Add-onis an add-on that adds a lot of new features, a lot of 3D items, including a mower, plows, harvester, sprinklers, and many more.

It’s actually really, really fun to use this mod because it makes you feel like you’re on an actual farm, and the addition of this mod in the Bedrock Edition makes it feel like it’s a really good investment in the long run. I highly recommend running this mod because the add-on is really simple, and it adds up to the uniqueness of the game in one way or another.

1. Smelters Forge

The Smelters Forge adds a lot of features to the vanilla version, specifically towards the smelting process, hence the name. But that’s not the only thing that’s added.

In this mod add-on, there’s also a lava tank, a parts builder, a stencil table, a drying rack, and many others that make it a little bit easier and quite realistic—honestly, a really good mod for Bedrock Edition.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of mods and add-ons you can put on Minecraft Bedrock Edition. There’s a lot even more in the Java edition because that’s what PC mods are for. Be sure to check out our other listicles for more!

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