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How Old Is All Might in My Hero Academia

How Old Is All Might in My Hero Academia

All Might is the most powerful, iconic, and selfless hero from the Hero Academia manga and anime series; plus, he loves the United States of America.

All Might is THE symbol of peace defending Tokyo, Japan while teaching at UA high school.

There’s a lot to know and love about All Might; keep reading if you want to know All Might’s real age and other superhero facts from the anime.

Imagine if All Might were a villain; the manga and anime storyline would have been much shorter.

All Might, the People’s Princess (Sort Of…)

All Might’s biggest fan was Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku. Since Deku was not born with a quirk but had the heart of a superhero, All Might selected him to be his successor.

“One For All,” the name of the quirk, can be passed down.

The current All Might received the quirk from his predecessor, Nana Shimura (TomuraShigaraki’s grandmother). He went on to be mentored by the enigmatic Gran Torino.

Toshinori is the eighth person to receive the quirk.

How Old Is All Might?

Toshinori Yagi, otherwise known as All Might, is 49 years old, not quite over the hill.

His colleague and #2 superhero, Endeavor (Todoroki’s father), is only 46 years old. (We only know All Might’s age from a hint that Endeavor is three years younger.)

What Is All Might’s Quirk?

All Might’s quirk is One for All; it gives him incredible strength, speed, stamina, and size.

Like I said before, this quirk can be given away. You could say the current “All Might” is Izuku Midoriya, who is still learning to wield it as Deku.

Passing it on left All Might in a weakened state; this weakened state gave him a gaunt, scrawny appearance.

Toshinori has several cool America-themed attacks he uses as All Might, the strongest being the United States of Smash.

This move is so powerful that it cost him the last bits of his superhero ability when he used it against the villain All for One.

Is All Might a Good High School Teacher at UA?

The primary setting of My Hero Academia is the superhero high school known as UA in Tokyo. The staff here include Aizawa and Nezu.

Upon passing the quirk One for All to Deku, All Might becomes a full-time faculty member of UA teaching heroics (duh). He is a great teacher.