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How Old Is Killua From Hunter X Hunter?

How Old Is Killua From Hunter X Hunter?

Killua has had many considerable roles in the Hunter x Hunter anime series and manga throughout the years, often second only to Gon Freecss. Killua Zoldyck is a rude boy, but he still has a good heart.

His Nen abilities are based on electricity transmutation; these powers came from a lousy childhood, according to Netero and Biscuit Krueger. I’m not exactly sure how that works.

You have to be suffering to become a nen type transmuter. That explains Hisoka, honestly. His younger sibling Alluka is unable to use nen; Kalluto, his other younger sibling, is a manipulator.

From the hunter exam onwards, you might be wondering: “How old is Gon’s best friend? Was he born in June or July? Did I leave my oven on?”

We’re here for you in your time of anime information need. That last issue, you’re on your own.

Keep reading if you want to find out the age of Killua Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter!

If you are Hisoka, stop reading now, please. Thank you. This article is not for phantom troupe eyes.

Killua Zoldyck’s Age and Birthdays in Hxh

While the anime and manga disagree on Killua’s birthday, the ages are consistent throughout Hunter x Hunter.

How Old Is Killua?

When Killua first shows up in the manga and anime, at the start of the series, it is as a young boy at the age of 11.

His first appearance in the original anime was episode 6, while in the manga, it was issue 6. Following the story’s timeline, Killua is now 15 years old.

Now the issue of his birthday… The manga cites Killua as being born on July 7th, while the anime states his birthday is June 15th. Is Killua a Gemini or a Cancer?

This is a very important character detail. Many anime main characters seem like Geminis, but great protagonists are also the heir to many anime hero qualities.

The Hunter x Hunter manga writer, Yoshihiro Togashi, should immediately release an official statement.

If we went with real-time, Killua would be around 36 years old. That would be weird.

What Are Killua’s Powers?

It’s worth mentioning that Killua Zoldyck utilizes both a skateboard AND a yo-yo. As far as anime fighters go, that’s pretty cool.

Plus, Killua’s nen powers and electric aura could allow him to stick his finger in a power socket, most 11-year-old kids’ dream.

The Zoldyck family doesn’t need to worry about baby-proofing their outlets.

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