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How Old Is Anna in Frozen?

How Old Is Anna in Frozen?

2013 marked the year when every child of Earth wanted to wield ice magic and would not stop singing that one, admittedly good, song.

But there was a lot to love outside of the magical ice powers of Elsa. Princess Anna garnered an equal share of adoration.

Frozen fever turned into one of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ biggest contemporary successes; bringing the now-iconic Anna and Elsa into the world.

The two strong and independent sisters who need to build a snowman and become the snow queen of Arendelle, respectively. We think those are equally important tasks.

In 2019, Disney kept the snowball rolling with Frozen II, the sequel to the original Frozen movie. Like we said in our Elsa article, after Disney’s icy impact on the children’s film industry, movies will never be the same.

Directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck delivered commercial masterpieces.

Anna’s Age and Life

Being about a classical royal family, Frozen has distinct fairy tale vibes. The tragic disappearance of Anna and Elsa’s parents, King Agnarr and Queen Iduna drove the princesses (Anna, still in her teenage years) up the north mountain and into the enchanted forest.

Nothing says fairy tale quite like a tragic king and queen and their brave offspring.

How Old Is Anna in Frozen?

You read in our Elsa article that the magical queen was already out of her teens when she accidentally revealed her powers to a whole party of people.

Elsa and Kristoff are both older than Anna, though she is just as mature, if not more.

Anna is a few years younger than her sister. Anna is 18 years old in Frozen. She has just entered young adulthood when responsibility falls on her shoulders.

She and her sister are the only Disney princesses featured in Wreck-It Ralph that are not members of the official Disney Princess list. (Yes, that’s a real thing.)

How Old Is Anna in Frozen Ii?

The sequel, which we enjoy more than the also incredible first film, takes place three years after Elsa accepts her role as queen.

In this follow-up movie, Elsa again struggles separate from those she cares about while Anna and Kristoff have a parallel adventure with themes of seized land and fair treatment of unfamiliar groups.

Anna is now the same age as Elsa was in the first movie. Anna is 21 years old in Frozen II.

This is the perfect age to begin to go Into the Unknown, as it were.

Venturing far from home is no easy trial; the newly 21 years old Anna faces it with strength and courage.