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How Old Is Deadpool?

How Old Is Deadpool?

Now Deadpool MAY be a Deathstroke knockoff from the ever-brilliant mind of Rob Liefeld, but…

We’re just playing around. Liefeld’s creations like Cable and Deadpool are some of our favorite Marvel universe comic book characters.

Poking fun at Rob is our loving tribute to Stan Lee, who often did the same.

Spoiler Warning and Disclaimer: As usual, with our pages on comic book characters, especially Marvel, a broad spoiler alert is in effect.

The Merc with a Mouth has a twisted narrative path with several endings, restarts, and double-backs. An exact answer to the question of age will always vary by whatever project you’re looking at.

This is par for the course with characters like Deadpool from Marvel and Earth-616.

Deadpool’s Age and Origin

Wade Wilson, not to be confused with Slade Wilson, is the true identity of time traveling member of X Force named Deadpool. (Played by the adored Ryan Reynolds in the two recent feature films.)

Between being a victim of the Weapon X program (the Canadian franchise!) and possessing a regenerative healing factor, Deadpool, Wade, has a lot in common with the iconic Wolverine of X-Men Origins fame and other, better pieces of media.

How Old Is Deadpool?

Let’s look at the movies. Birthday scenes and life details aren’t commonplace in superhero films, even with Deadpool, who has a penchant for breaking the fourth wall.

A common strategy online is to look at Ryan Reynold’s actual age since he and Wade are peers. Reynolds was almost 40 when he filmed the first movie.

Keeping this in mind, Deadpool is 35-40 years old in the movies. This is the most exact we can get and a pretty common conclusion between fans.

This yields some differences from the comic Deadpool, who was born in the 1970s. If this were the film canon, Wade would have been pushing (or older than) 50 in the movies.

Does Wade Wilson Age?

This is a great question. Deadpool tends to stay a kid in his head and a healthy 30something in his body. We think that’s aspirational.

After botching the Blind Al assassination and coming down with terminal cancer, Deadpool was forcibly given a healing factor developed according to Wolverine’s by the Canadian arm of the Weapon X program.

Wade Wilson does age; he ages very, very slowly. He remains visibly youthful for decades, maybe centuries, longer than typical humans and mutants.

Is Deadpool 800 Years Old?

This is some classic comic book wildness. In the Earth-80521 continuity, which is featured in X-Force/Cable and the main Cable series, a building collapses over Deadpool, leaving him pinned under ruins for centuries, eight centuries to be exact.

Deadpool is not 800 years old in the main Earth-616 and Marvel Cinematic Universe timelines. But this side story is entertaining.

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Friday 8th of December 2023

[…] comics and movies, it is estimated that Wade Wilson is in his mid-30s to early 40s. According to a source, Ryan Reynolds, who portrays Deadpool in the movies, was almost 40 years old when he filmed the […]