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How Old Is Edward Cullen From the Twilight Saga?

How Old Is Edward Cullen From the Twilight Saga?

We think that the worst part about getting turned into a vampire in your teens would have to be being stuck in high school for the rest of your now infinitely long life, at least if you hope to remain integrated with human society.

This is the plight of Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson of new Batman fame, and some of his siblings in the Twilight series.

Vampires have never not been hot. It’s almost always a part of their blood-sucking lore to be enchanting and seductive to both male and female prey. (Presumably non-binary prey, too.)

Stephenie Meyer struck red, sparkling-in-the-sun gold when she conceived of the Twilight series and the Cullen family.

Breaking Dawn parts I and II, New Moon, Eclipse, and the simply named Twilight established Bella and Edward, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, as enduring pop culture icons.

(Taylor Lautner only kind of… he and Jacob Black’s star has dimmed relative to Kstew.) We are not going to discuss Renesmee Cullen; that’s a whole article in and of itself.

Edward Cullen’s Age and Birthday

With the exception of vampires like the immortal child that Dakota Fanning threw into a bonfire, these pale people tend to live excessively long. Edward is no exception.

Rob is handsome, and the vampiric allure is a given; it makes sense why you’d want to know how old Edward is.

If you want to know even more about Edward Cullen, consider giving Midnight Sun a read. Stephenie Meyer wrote it as a supplement to Twilight.

This book follows the same events but from the point of view of the iconic main vampire. This helps us understand the character of Edward as well as the original books let us know Bella.

How Old Is Edward Cullen?

We watch Bella Swan fall in love with the featured Cullen throughout the first three films.

They meet in high school, but Edward may have been a teen for a handful of decades, as we alluded to at the top of this page.

Keep in mind that Twilight took place in 2005. Edward Cullen is 104 years old in Twilight since he was born in the year 1901.

That’s a few years older than Bella’s 17 years, but it’s a fantasy love story; let it go. (For the record, Edward’s body is stuck at seventeen years old, too.)

When Was Edward Cullen Born?

A good deal before Bella was. Being 87 years her senior, Edward was born in a year that started with a one. Wow. Edward Cullen was born on June 20, 1901.

The leader of the Cullen clan is a doctor; he saved Edward from Spanish Influenza by turning him into a vampire to spare him from death.