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How Old Is Bakugo From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Bakugo From My Hero Academia?

Designated Izuku Midoriya bully and middle school nightmare, Katsuki Bakugo is undoubtedly a character from the Shonen Jump weekly and anime series My Hero Academia.

As we’ve said in our other MHA character articles, if you know the age of one student in the class, you know ’em all.

When we were looking at Kirishima, we were looking at one of the best boys; now, with Bakugou, we’re looking at one of the worst.*

Not to be too harsh on this guy, but with childhood friends like these, who needs enemies?

His quirk and look are sick (complimentary), but his attitude is sick (derogatory). Keep reading if you want to know more!

*We’re kidding. Bakugo’s behavior veers into petulant territory sometimes, is all. He seems to have a sense of morality, if by coincidence.

Katsuki Bakugo’s Age, Quirk, and More

The absolute best thing about Bakugou is his pro hero name: Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight; this is the single best name ever conceived.

Boom, Bam, Pow!

His first appearance in the series precedes the rest of class 1-A. Before the school year begins, we encounter this hot-head as a 4-year-old toddler. (My Hero Academia season 1, episode 1)

Along with this name, his outfit is a redeeming quality of Mr. Kacchan.

How Old Is Bakugo?

Keep in mind that UA is a high school, just like the ones we have in the real world. Class 1-A swaps acne struggles with fighting style and their driver’s test with the provisional hero license exam.

Bakugo had the unique teen dilemma of deciding between the League of Villains or the pro heroes; he chose heroes because villains are losers. So true.

His internal dialogue is complicated, to say the least.

Bakugo is 17 years old, currently. Katsuki Bakugo was two years younger when we first met him as a real person. By the time the sports festival rolls around, he’s two years older.

Our temperamental fav was born on April 20th if you wanted to plan something fun for him.

What Is Bakugo’s Quirk?

This quirk does just what it says on the box: explodes. Bakugo’s quirk is Explosion. There are a few thermodynamic and chemistry issues that come with the concept of pure “blowing up,” but we let those slide.

Bakugou literally sweats nitroglycerin (or something similar) from his skin and sets it alight at will. Sweating too much boom juice makes his arms sore.

He uses the power in a lot of creative ways; he can fly a little bit using explosive force, focus the explosions into a concentrated shot, and power up an insane punch.

“Explosion” is a very open-ended ability.

(Could he collect his sweat and sell it to hospitals to use as a vasodilator? We need answers.)