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How Old Is Batman?

How Old Is Batman?

Thanks to DC comics, we have the world’s most infamous and beloved vigilante. The caped crusader prowls the streets of Gotham, looking to purge its seedy underbelly.

Batman has been around since the 1939 Batman comics entitled Detective Comics; since then, Bruce Wayne has made his way into video games, TV shows, and many movies, sometimes as half of the duo Batman and Robin.

Batman and the bat signal as integral to our pop culture as Santa Claus or Pac-Man. The only differences are a metric ton of edge and a desire to fight crime.

Batman’s Age, Life, and Origins

In the original birth of the Batman in the comic book DC Universe, a young Bruce Wayne is hardened after witnessing his parents get murdered on the street.

What follows is a rough life of training and vendetta. Fans make fun of the sheer number of times we’ve been subject to viewing this origin in films like The Dark Knight and its predecessors.

Batman shows us that even a single billionaire can change the world if he puts his mind to it.

What they can’t do is successfully save their young protege from certain death at the hands of a nihilist clown. (Is it too soon for Dick Grayson death jokes?)

How Old Is Batman?

This character has been rebooted and reimagined too many times to state a single age. The range of the varying Batmen ages is pretty small and consistent.

After witnessing the kill, Bruce would need over a decade to train for his life of vengeance. Batman is 31 years old in The Dark Knight Trilogy.

This is average among other projects. Bruce varies between 20 and 35. He is confirmed to be in his 30s in the newest set of films slated for the next few years.

What Is Batman’s Superpower?

Bruce Wayne does not possess any god-like abilities by birth, magic, or science accident. Through sorrow and ambition, he built his own powers.

Batman’s superpower is his intellect supplemented by intense combat training and massive wealth. This is nothing short of super; do not be mistaken.

Given similar resources, no one but Bruce Wayne could have become the Batman-like he did.

Batman is said to have a genius-level IQ. One of our favorite details from the comics is Batman’s collection of emergency boxes for different Justice League heroes.

He has prepared a box of supplies and a plan to kill or stop each one of his superpowered allies, just in case they ever turn to evil. We don’t doubt that he has done his proper calculations and would succeed if need be.