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How Old Is Bulma?

How Old Is Bulma?

Bulma is the blue-haired scientist and Capsule Corp heiress from Dragon Ball, Z, and others. She can be found in the manga, shows, and video games.

Often underestimated for her lack of ludicrous super Saiyan fighting ability, Bulma in Dragon Ball is a force to be reckoned with all the same.

Aside from Goku, the king of all anime, Bulma is the most present character in the franchise. Things wouldn’t be the same with Bulma (and Goku.)

As we mention in every DB article, the storylines between the multiple Dragon Ball anime and manga series have given us looks at all of the characters and varying points in their lives, from childhood to parenthood.

We see Bulma as a child, a wife, and a mother. (AT DIFFERENT TIMES!!!)

Keep reading to learn about Bulma Brief in the world of Dragon Ball.

Bulma’s Age and Family

We remember Bulma from Cartoon Network’s Toonami when they aired the English dub of DBZ.

She was always interesting as the main female protagonist and resourceful scientist.

Since Bulma was born in Age 734, we can follow her age in the series using that year as a starting point.

How Old Is Bulma at the Beginning of Dragon Ball Z?

If you’re wondering about Bulma, it’s more than likely you’re wondering about Dragon Ball Z, the most popular of the three major anime series.

Dragon Ball Z begins in Age 761; Bulma is 28 years old when the series starts. This is marked by Raditz’s arrival on Earth. She would go on to have her kids with Vegeta.

How Old Is Bulma at the End of Dragon Ball Z?

Many people do not realize how long DBZ goes on for in-universe. It’s quite a while. It feels just about that long when you try to marathon the series, too. Trust us on that. Don’t try it at home!

The Majin Buu saga, which occurs at the end of the series, is a full 13 years from the start. Bulma is 41 years old at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

She has now had two kids, seen her kid Future Trunks, and hundreds of fights.

How Old Is Bulma in Dragon Ball?

After the peek at Bulma, age 5, the first series begins.

The first anime of the franchise opens with the discovery of the two-star dragon ball. When she finds the eponymous ball, Bulma is 16 years old in Dragon Ball.

Just like Z, this series spans many years. It ends 5 years before Z, leaving Bulma at 23 years of age.