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How Old Is Amy Rose From Sonic the Hedgehog?

How Old Is Amy Rose From Sonic the Hedgehog?

The Sonic the Hedgehog series may be a recent live-action box office surprise success from Paramount Pictures.

Still, before Hollywood, we were obsessed with Sonic because of video games like Sonic Adventure, Sonic CD, and true people of taste and culture will remember Sonic R.

Speaking of obsessed with Sonic, Amy Rose comes to mind. Sonic and Amy are the on-and-off couple of Station Square and Green Hill Zone.

(P.S. Sonic R was fantastic, and the soundtrack is underrated.)

Amy Rose’s Age

In the games, Sonic and pals don’t exactly mention their ages or any details about their lives when Dr. Eggman isn’t an imminent threat.

How does Amy spend her time or pay her bills? Does Sonic grocery shop? We may never know.

What Is Amy Rose?

This is a more common question than you’d expect. Unlike the main man Sonic, Amy is pink andleadingrs clothes; they don’t seem like the same species.

Amy Rose is a hedgehog, just like her boyfriend. She does not share the hedge. Rude.

This proves that being speedy is not a regular hedgehog trait in this fictional universe, but wearing shoes is.

Although, if there are humans in that world, are there tiny regular-sized hedgehogs without sentience, too? Oof. Big questions.

How Old Is Amy Rose?

What a good question. The answer is unclear, despite there being “confirmed” numbers. There are a bunch of different Sonic canons and worlds, none of which are consistent or coherent in relatable ways.

The Piko Piko Hammer doesn’t come with an age requirement. Amy Rose is 8 years old in older, classic games and 12 years old in the recent media.

If you consider her amorous state, freedom, and autonomy in the big city and world at large, she seems like more of a proper adult than a pre-teen.

If you consider her 12 at the time of Sonic Adventure, she’s in her mid-thirties; that feels weird, too.

When it comes down to it, Amy is a talking pink hedgehog that wields a hammer, whose boyfriend can manipulate space and time through mystical jewels.

Her age is not the most perplexing feature.

Who Does James Marsden Play in the Sonic the Hedgehog Movies?

In the two Sonic feature films, James Marsden plays the sheriff of the town of Green Hills.

(Like the stage, get it?) He plays opposite no one; Sonic, voiced by Ben Schwartz, is added in post-production.

Marsden has spoken out about how weird it feels to co-star with an invisible character.