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How Old Is Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler?

How Old Is Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler?

Not to be confused with the Forest Whitaker movie, Kuroshitsuji is a super popular Square Enix manga and A-1 Pictures anime series from the mind of mangaka Yana Toboso.

Black Butler is an aesthetically distinct work featuring aristocratic-goth vibes peppered with occult details. The series stands out from others produced by A-1 Pictures.

Between Ciel Phantomhive and “Ciel Phantomhive,” the Phantomhive family is no stranger to drama, chaos, confusion, and madness. (Shoutout to Alyssa Edwards.)

Indeed, noble families, particularly those in England, would rather summon a demon than go to therapy.

It doesn’t matter who the head of the Phantomhive family is if you can’t reminisce healthfully about your dead-as-hell mom, Rachel Phantomhive. (We mean that with the utmost sensitivity.)

Ciel Phantomhive’s Age and Family

Ciel is the alarmingly young son of Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, who forms a contract with Sebastian Michaelis, THE black butler from the title.

The Phantomhive heir is not the one who summoned Sebastian; that blame belongs to the cult who sacrificed Ciel’s brother “Ciel.”

How Old Is Ciel Phantomhive?

Queen’s Watchdog, Aristocrat of Evil, fancy little man, Funtom Corporation owner, the star of the Kuroshitsuji anime adaptation (and manga) wears many hats.

With all they do, it’s surprising how young the Phantomhive heir is; Ciel Phantomhive is 13 years old, currently. The only giveaway is his diminutive height.

He is 12 years old for a brief period early in the series, until chapter 14 or so; he turns 13 well before Book of Circus.

Fun fact: all of these personal details will be true for his twin, “Ciel,” too! That’s how twins work! (The be-quoted brother is technically older.)

When Is Ciel Phantomhive’s Birthday?

Black Butler takes place during the reign of Queen Victoria, which spanned 64 years, 1837-1901.

I bet you didn’t expect an actual historical fact in here, did you? So, while Ciel Phantomhive is young, he is very old-timey.

The Aristocrat of Evil’s birth year happens to coincide with the passing of the American Civil Rights Act; Ciel Phantomhive’s birthday is December 14, 1875.

He’s an orphan AND a Sagittarius. Versatility. He has 26 years remaining to serve Queen Victoria.

How Tall Is Ciel Phantomhive?

Maintaining an intimidating aura of darkness and a reputation for ruthlessness is hard enough when you’re a regular height; Ciel has to work even harder.

Because he is a 13-year-old Victorian child, Ciel Phantomhive is 152 cm tall, 5′ 0″ in imperial measurements.

His butler Sebastian is over 30 cm (a foot) taller, lending the tiny master some intimidation factor. He’s also much shorter than all of his nemeses, the Grim Reapers.

Bonus fact: Another aspect of being a Victorian-era child is the fact that Ciel would be killed by a Flamin’ Hot Cheeto.