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How Old Is Cinderella in the Disney Movie?

How Old Is Cinderella in the Disney Movie?

The evil stepmother and nasty stepsister tropes are both thanks to this Disney movie from 1950.

Like we said of Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella defined the cultural ground that we still walk on today. Spells expiring at midnight, our conception of balls, the glass slipper, and more all remain iconic in the American (and global) imagination.

Again similar to Belle, this blue-loving Disney Princess has a live-action remake from 2015 that is simply titled “Cinderella,” like the original from the 50s.

We are still surprised at the distinct lack of fanfare this release got. We haven’t seen it and don’t know anyone who has.

Without the draw of an actress like Emma Watson, the film lacked the same compelling reasons to draw audiences in.*

*Disclaimer: We are not saying that Lily James isn’t a lovely actor and beautiful woman. She does not have the level of fame that Watson has.

Cinderella’s Age and Prince Charming

You might be pleased to find out that Cinderella and her Disney Prince Charming don’t share an uncomfortable-for-some age gap like Snow White, Belle, Princess Aurora, and Jasmine have with their respective male love interests.

It’s not the gaps so much as the Princesses’ ages at the time of their rescue.

Fun fact: Cinderella and Tiana from Princess and the Frog are the same age!

They are also two of the hardest working Disney Princesses, being an unpaid domestic servant and business owner, respectively. (Others work too, we know. We’re just giving these two some credit.)

How Old Is Cinderella?

As we mentioned, Cinderella is on the older side of the Disney Princesses; Anna and Elsa are the only two that are older, in fact.

Cinderella and her prince have an age difference of a year or two. Cinderella is 19 years old in the 1950 animated film.

Prince Charming is believed to be 20-21. At 19, it makes sense that this princess wanted out of her stepmother’s house and to begin a life of her own on her own terms.

We were unable to locate hard evidence to confirm this age, but every other source on the matter failed, too.

Cinderella’s age is a widely held belief that may as well be fact when we are considering fiction that has been out for more than 70 years.

The truth is what we make it in the absence of anything else.

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