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How Old Is Elsa From Frozen?

How Old Is Elsa From Frozen?

Remember that span of several years starting in 2013 when every child alive wanted ice powers and would not stop singing?

Walt Disney Animation Studios struck blue gold when they gave us all Frozen fever; introducing us to Elsa and Anna, sisters who need to become the queen of Arendelle and build a snowman respectively, changed the world.

In 2019, Disney furthered their success with the sequel, Frozen II. After Disney’s Frozen, movies will never be the same. (Or maybe they will.) The impact these films made on big studio family films is undeniable, though.

The Frozen franchise is one of Disney’s most significant successes of the 21st century, with a good message for young girls. Let’s take a trip to the Kingdom of Arendelle in this article, where we’ll reveal Elsa’s age.

Elsa’s Age in Frozen and Frozen Ii

If you read our article on Rapunzel, you know that Elsa and her younger sister Anna are on the older side of Disney princesses.

While many would consider Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, to be the star of Frozen, Anna and Elsa are vital to the plot. (This is just a joke; we love all three of these characters.)

How Old Is Elsa in the First Frozen?

Before her harrowing adventure in the enchanted forest, Elsa learns to accept herself and sing with the voice of Idina Menzel; “Let It Go” was a force of nature that seems to be remaining relevant for the rest of time.

Our favorite ice princess was an adult when the plot of the first film kicked off; Elsa is 21 years old when she flees her castle.

Ashamed, Elsa decides to run into the wilds to protect her sister and her people from herself. She was lucky to have people like Anna and Kristoff to help her come to terms with her flaws because we all have flaws.

How Old Is Elsa in Frozen Ii?

The sequel movie, Frozen II, features Kristen Bell’s character Anna much more prominently than Elsa. Under the threat of eternal winter, the sisters brave unknown land in the enchanted forest.

Frozen II has Elsa once again separating herself from her support system and disappearing into the night; Elsa needs to learn lessons twice, it seems.

Elsa is 24 years old during the events of Frozen II when her sister saves her once again. This time, the story is more complex, featuring multiple overlapping conflicts and a lot more magic.

The first movie will always be a classic, but Frozen II features “Into the Unknown,” which we think is a superior song to “Let It Go.”