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How Old Is Rapunzel From Tangled?

How Old Is Rapunzel From Tangled?

Tangled, the Disney movie version of the Brother’s Grimm story “Rapunzel,” is an academy award-nominated action-adventure animated film from 2010. CGI animated, this action-packed fairytale truly delivers; it has lies, hair, romance, kidnapping, magic, and a sassy horse.

Mandy Moore lends her 90’s magic voice to this Disney princess with magic hair; Rapunzel’s flowing, enchanted golden locks are almost as beautiful as Moore’s hit single “Candy.” We don’t recall Toy Story having any pop stars. Just saying.

Rapunzel’s Age and Relationship Status

Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are the hot-topic Disney couple at the center of this feature film; just don’t call Flynn by his birth name, Eugene Fitzherbert. This article will take a look at Rapunzel’s age and birthday and a quick look at the pair’s relationship.

How Old Is Rapunzel?

Our aurum-topped beauty ranks on the older side of the leading ladies when it comes to Disney films, as does her love interest; Rapunzel, and Eugene bring a new dynamic to the table.

A full-fledged adult, Rapunzel is 18 years old in the movie Tangled. Kidnapped for her magic hair by Mother Gothel as a baby, Rapunzel spent her entire young life isolated in a tower. Her birthday is a key point in the film because of the floating lights Rapunzel sees in the distance each year, but the date is not explicitly given.

When Is Rapunzel’s Birthday?

The age of our luxurious-locked protagonist is one thing, but when should you buy her a birthday present?

There is one special day of the year in the kingdom of Corona when the sky is filled with flickering lanterns; this day happens to coincide with the wonder-wigged princess’s birthday. Based on the night sky, it has been determined that Rapunzel’s birthday is May 12th; astronomy proves useful on occasion.

How Much Younger Is Rapunzel Than Flynn?

If you read our article on Flynn Rider, you’ll know there is a mild controversy over the age difference between herself and Mr. Eugene “Flynn Rider” Fitzherbert.

As far as Disney couples go, their age gap is the largest. Flynn is 26 years old while, as you just read, Rapunzel is 18 years old; after performing advanced calculations, you will find that Rapunzel is eight years younger than Flynn.

That’s nothing compared to the age gap between notorious hair thief Mother Gothel and every other living person in Corona. (She’s a villainous 1,000 years old.)

Bonus fact: Raya (and the Last Dragon) and Elsa accompany Rapunzel on the “Older Disney Princess” list, being 18 and 24 years old, respectively; voting age is the new glass slipper in the new generation of Disney damsels.