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How Old Is Flynn Rider From Tangled?

How Old Is Flynn Rider From Tangled?

The Walt Disney Company’s Tangled is a modern animated feature film inspired by the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel, done in CGI animation.

This Disney princess, Rapunzel (voiced by Mandy Moore), has long, golden locks and is kept captive by the covetous Mother Gothel in the kingdom of Corona.

Released in theaters in 2010, Tangled was directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard. In 2012, Disney released a six-minute sequel short film called Tangled Ever After; possibly the world’s shortest sequel, it aired before the re-release of Beauty and the Beast and on the Disney Channel.

Keep reading if you want to know the age of Flynn Rider from Tangled and about the age difference between Rapunzel and him.

Flynn Rider’s Age

Every Disney princess has her prince; in Tangled, that prince is Eugene Fitzherbert (voiced by Zachary Levi); thankfully, this Disney prince also goes by Flynn Rider. I’m not sure we could discuss Tangled if we had to say his birth name, Eugene Fitzherbert, repeatedly.

How Old Is Flynn Rider?

We don’t learn the age in Tangled itself, but the Disney filmmakers stated that Flynn Rider is 26 years old, meaning he is almost off of his parents’ insurance. Is it a good look for a prince like Flynn not to have his own coverage for his princess?

In case you’re curious, the hair thief Mother Gothel is over 1,000 years old. Not that she looks very good, but she looks good considering.

How Much Older Is Flynn Than Rapunzel?

As we just learned, Flynn Rider, whose real name is Eugene, is 26 years old. Rapunzel, who’s real name is Rapunzel, is 18 years old. For all you math nerds out there, 26 minus 18 equals 8. Flynn is 8 years older than Rapunzel in Tangled. This is the largest between any Disney princess and her love interest.

There are Disney fans out there that take issue with the age difference in Tangled. Even with an eight-year age gap, at least Rapunzel is 18.

Disney Princesses like Jasmine and Snow White are 15 and 14 years old, respectively. In fact, the only Disney Princess who isn’t a teenager is Elsa, who is 21 years old.