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How Old Is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Dabi From My Hero Academia?

Is it just me who likes the villains’ quirks in MHA more than the heroes’? Bad guys are way more fun.

Spoiler warning: There are some mild spoilers in the form of familial relations and real names/true identity. If you don’t know all of the tea on Dabi or the Todoroki family, come back to this article later.

If you endeavor to find an anime or manga with a more dynamic cast, you’ll fail. (Get it? That’s a Todoroki family joke.)

Honestly, old man Endeavor must have some potent genes to have produced so many powerful quirk-kids like Shoto, Natsuo, and Fuyumi. 

I suppose the beleaguered Rei Todoroki deserves some credit, too. That lady looks tired; Enji can’t be easy to live with…

But can neglectful parenting really turn your son into a villain at such a young age?

What Is Toya Todoroki’s Real Age?

Sometimes you need to know how old a character is; it lets you know how much you’re allowed to hate them or if it’s ok to think they’re cute. With Dabi Todoroki, it could really go either way.

How Old Is Dabi?

Watching these quirk’ed up kids fight in their sick costumes can make it hard to figure out just how old they are. How old do you have to be to join the Vanguard Action Squad?

Do you think Shigaraki ever asked for Dabi’s age or driver’s license before admitting him to the League of Villains?

Toya (or Touya) Todoroki, who more infamously gave up their real name to go by Dabi, is Endeavor and Rei’s eldest son and older brother to our protag with the red and white hair, Shoto Todoroki. (Or is it Shouto? I’ll have to ask Deku; he’ll know.)

In his first appearance in the My Hero Academia manga, Dabi is 23 years old. If you’re current on MHA media, Dabi is 24 now. Poor Toya already has all those purple skin scars on his lower face at such a young age.

It is part of the signature Dabi look, though. As a villain, he probably doesn’t care anyway. He probably thinks his brother’s red hair is more embarrassing.

What Is Dabi’s Quirk (The Blue Flames)?

Dabi’s quirk is called Cremation. In typical Hero Academia/UA fashion, the name is as threatening as the power.

He can unleash an inferno of blue flames on his unfortunate adversaries. Just ask Hawks how much they hurt… Yikes. You know what they say about Cremation, “A Dabi will do ya’.” I’m so sorry.

It’s interesting that as the 1st Todoroki child, Dabi can only wield flames.

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Saturday 12th of March 2022

[…] like we said in our article on Dabi, the villains in the My Hero Academia anime series and manga are just top tier. Real chef’s kiss […]