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How Old Is Toga in My Hero Academia

How Old Is Toga in My Hero Academia

Just like we said in our article on Dabi, the villains in the My Hero Academia anime series and manga are just top tier. Real chef’s kiss evil-doer design, in my opinion. Toga is one of the best and most upsetting.

Toga is a member of the League of Villains Vanguard Action Squad along with Todoroki-Brother Dabi (and others).

Her most disturbing trait is her spirited personality and affectionate nature that persists even while she delivers violence and evil.

Mental instability? In an anime villain? Groundbreaking.

Himiko Toga’s Age and Quirk

Don’t be fooled by her short stature; this 5’ 2” devil will have you dead and dried before you can say “Boku No Hero Academia new episodes coming October 2022.”

How Old Is Toga Himiko?

When we first meet Toga during the forest training arc, Toga is 16 years old, much like the rest of the UA superhero students, including Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki.

Old enough to drive a car, old enough to commit murder in cold blood. I love anime.

Once we reach the Paranormal Liberation War arc, Toga has turned 17 years old. Not a big jump, still can’t rent a car. Definitely still into the killing, though. Always killing.

Her birthday is August 7th, apparently. This makes her a Leo. Now let me tell you why this sign fits our vampiric little lady… I got nothing.

When her mood swings to the chill end of the spectrum, maybe? With her unpredictable nature, I would have guessed Gemini.

What Is Toga’s Quirk?

In My Hero Academia, the superpowers are called Quirks. Himiko Toga’s quirk, in particular, is called Transform.

It does just what it says on the box; it lets her transform into any other person. After a certain point in the story that I will not spoil, she can even copy the quirks of the people she transforms into.

There’s just a teeny tiny catch to using Transformation: Toga must consumer her target’s blood to take on their form.

She is a vampire mixed with the Pokemon Ditto. Draculitto, if you will. The more blood she takes, the longer she can stay as that person. Gnarly.

To that bloody end, Himiko Toga is often seen wearing a blood-draining apparatus, holding needles, and brandishing a sharp knife.

Unlike real vampires, our Toga here does not have fangs; she must use technology.

The tubes that make up the blood-draining machine connect back to her mask where she can immediately consume the essence of her foe or store it for later.

What were you doing when you were 17? Not this, I hope.