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How Old Is Gon From Hunter X Hunter?

How Old Is Gon From Hunter X Hunter?

If you’re a Hunter x Hunter fan, you know Gon; If you’re not a Hunter x Hunter fan, you still know Gon.

His iconic green outfit, spiky black hair, and prowess as a hunter make Gon Freecss the face of the anime series and manga.

His father, Ging, was one of the most accomplished hunters of all time, inspiring Gon to follow that career path as well.

Much like his best pal KilluaZoldyck, Gon also had a troubled childhood. It’s a pattern in the lives of the Hunter x Hunter main characters.

Keep reading to find out about Gon’s age, birthday, and some fun facts about this well-known character.

Gon Freecss Age From Hunter X Hunter

Gon made his first appearance in the very first episode, episode 00 of the HxH anime, and volume one of the manga. This makes sense; he is the main character, after all.

How Old Is Gon?

Upon his debut, Gon was 11 years old. (Check out our article on Killua if you’re curious about him, too.)

At the most current point in the storyline, Gon is 15 years old, give or take a year.

Although if you track earth time from Hunter x Hunter’s release, he would be in his mid-thirties. That’s a funny thought. The same could be said of Killua.

His birthday falls on May 5th; this aligns with Children’s Day, a Japanese holiday that caps off a week of vacation from school meant to celebrate children, their uniqueness, and personalities.

It’s not clear if this was an intentional reference by author Yoshihiro Togashi.

What Are Gon’s Abilities?

Every (almost) hunter in Hunter x Hunter uses a force called Nen that can express itself in a ton of different ways. Gon’s abilities and nen typing make him an Enhancer.

As an Enhancer, this spunky 15-year-old has super strength and speed healing.

In a way, Enhancer type Nen users are like All Might Juniors. (If you want to know about him, check out our article on How Old is All Might)

Seriously, this kid takes such a beating and barely feels a thing; he brushes off strikes that would have destroyed his comrades like they were nothing. Go Gon, Go!

Over time, Gon was able to master other types of Nen use, including transmutation (a favorite of Hisoka) and emission (the go-to for LeorioParadinight.)

This is an exceptional achievement among hunters in this world.