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How Old Is Hisoka From Hunter X Hunter?

How Old Is Hisoka From Hunter X Hunter?

Hisoka Morrow (also spelled Morow) is a prominent antagonist and villain from the Hunter x Hunter manga and anime.

This former Phantom Troupe member and clowny style icon repeatedly shows up to star as the main antagonist (during the hunter exam arc and heavens arena arc) or hassle the protagonists in an arc with a different big villain like the Hunter Chairman arc.

This vexing magician is a fan favorite of the anime series. He’s a pretty sick Nen user, too.

How Can We Figure Out Hisoka’s Age?

There’s no straightforward, accurate answer to this question. My best guess is around Ging Freecss’s age if we go on non-canon backstory; Ging is 32 years old.

However, Ging was 31 years old when he made his first appearance in Hunter x Hunter.

We’ll give a fair estimate/guess for Hisoka’s actual age, but anything definitive you read elsewhere is similar speculation. Maybe Killua, Gon, or Kurapika know for sure. (They probably don’t.)

Yoshihiro Togashi, the Hunter x Hunter manga author, has never explicitly revealed Hisoka’s age, no matter what Twitter users say.

If Togashi does tell us how many years old Hisoka is after this article comes out, we’ll revise it ASAP. But it’s not as serious as a hunter exam, anyway. Maybe he’ll tell us to-morrow. Lol.

How Old Is Hisoka?

Hisoka is 28 years old according the online fan consensus, the best source we have. If this were accurate at one point in time, he is closer to 30 years old in the story, now.

I don’t know how to judge Hisoka Morrow without knowing their sign correctly.

It’s a real bummer and a plot hole in the anime and manga. (Just kidding.) We can always judge Hisoka’s terrible actions.

Someone call the Phantom Troupe; maybe they have Hisoka’s ID on file with HR. We can check that to find out how many years old he is for real.

Who has Chrollo’s phone number? Or look up the Morrow (Morow) family on Ancestry dot com. This might be a lot of work for an anime antagonist.

Can you transmute your age with Nen…? We could ask Netero, but uh…

Why Is Hisoka So Weird? (Not-rip Killua)

Hisoka Morrow is an example of the JRPG and anime/manga staple of “antagonist who wants to fight the best of the best.”

In the context of Hunter x Hunter, this has led to them sparing the lives of hunters like Killua and Gon because of their potential to grow stronger; someday, they will be worthy opponents for Hisoka and his transmutation Nen talents.

We love an antagonist who intentionally makes the main characters’ goals easier for no reason. Thanks, Mr. Morrow. Leorio appreciates it.

Judging by Hisoka’s attitude in the Hunter x Hunter manga, I’d say he’s 30 years old and born in June. He absolutely has Gemini energy.

Oh, Hisoka Morrow, you’re a mystery. Keep on troupe’in it up.


Sunday 13th of March 2022

"I’ll give my best reasoning for Hisoka’s actual age."

"Judging by Hisoka’s attitude in the Hunter x Hunter manga, I’d say he’s 30 years old and born in June. He absolutely has Gemini energy."

And that was the entire reason given in this entire article, no breakdown, no *actual* reasoning, Just a random number tossed out there together with a zodiac, quality writing right there... xD