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How Old Is Goten From Dragon Ball?

How Old Is Goten From Dragon Ball?

We’ve released several articles on characters from the Dragon Ball series: Goku, Bulma, and Master Roshi, among others.

Between the events of Dragon Ball, Super Z, and the Dragon Ball movies, there are so many overlapping continuities and vast swathes of time that elapse over dozens of story arcs.

With so many projects that bear the title of Dragon Ball, a single answer on Goten or any other characters’ ages does not have a single, satisfying answer; that’s just how Akira Toriyama likes it.

Keep reading, and we’ll do our best to inform you about Goten’s age and life at different points in the expansive Dragon Ball Universe.

Goten’s Age, Life, and More

Goten is Goku’s mini carbon copy and younger brother of Gohan. Goten and Trunks (Vegeta and Bulma’s son) are best friends, mirroring their fathers. It’s pretty cute.

Fun fact: Trunks is almost a year older than Goten. Neither Saiyan/human hybrid is born with a tail.

This age dynamic shifts a bit with the introduction of temporal traveler Future Trunks, but that deserves an entire article in and of itself, in all honesty.

The years in the anime series and manga are labeled as “ages.” In our time, that would mean it is Age 2022.

Goten was born to Goku and Chi-Chi in Age 767; we can use this to figure out how many years old he is at different points in the timelines. (When the year is known. It is murky at times.)

How Old Is Goten?

The 25th World Martial Arts Tournament training begins in Age 774. Goten participates in the Junior Division against foes like Trunks, Koryuu, and Idasa.

We get to see the father and son duo of Goku and Goten begin their adept training for this tournament together. Goten is 7 years old during the World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball Z.

This is the earliest significant arc in which Goten contributes to the narrative. The series would not end in universe until Age 784.

How Old Is Goten at the End of Dragon Ball Z?

An entire decade passes between the tournament arc and the close of the popular series.

When people want to know the characters’ ages, many want to see that information at the project’s endpoint.

As we said earlier, the crown jewel series Dragon Ball Z goes on until Age 784. (We count the epilogue. You have to keep track of everything.)

If Goten was a little boy during the tournament, he’s since become a young man. Goten is 17 years old when Dragon Ball Z ends.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the weaving timeline of Super intersects with the period over which Z transpires; this leads to conflicting answers among fans when it comes to issues of age and events.