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How Old Is Hawks in My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Hawks in My Hero Academia?

Standard NerdBear MHA spoiler warning: There is always the risk of mild spoilers when it comes to events, powers, and familial relations when it comes to hero academy dealings. If you aren’t current or close to it, consider coming back later.

Takemi Keigo, better known as the top pro hero Hawks, is a high flyin’, feather flingin’ character from the My Hero Academia manga and anime series.

Previously number three in the JP hero ranks, he filled the empty tier left by Endeavor, the second-place spot, when the fiery man and less-than-great husband the ultimate spot.

Class 1-A gets a lot of focus, but the existing vanguard of quirky champions deserves some attention, too.

In this article, we’ll look at this bird man and soar to new heights of appreciation. Keep reading to learn more about this chill dude.

Hawks’ Age and Quirk

Takami Keigo was already a full-grown professional adult when Izuku Midoriya, also known as Deku, entered UA. Keigo is a relaxed young man with a stylish fit.

His energy is a stark contrast next to Endeavor and Best Jeanist.

Can we talk about that jean guy’s name for a second or…?

How Old Is Hawks?

Like we hinted at in our Dabi article, Hawks had an unpleasant time at the hands of the angsty Todoroki spawn. Birds and flames are not a great combination.

The League of Villains owes Keigo some compensation for pain and suffering, for sure.

Considering the year of time that has elapsed over My Hero Academia seasons four and five, Hawks is 23 years old.

This means that in his manga debut in chapter 184, Hawks was 22.

What Is Hawks’ Quirk?

Hawk’s quirk is called Fierce Wings. Naturally, he has a glorious set of crimson wings growing out of his back.

However, this power is way better than that one cruddy X-Man with wings. Hawks is able to launch his sharp-as-heck feathers and control them from a distance.

Fierce Wings will slowly shed their ability to keep Keigo airborne as the carmine feathers are deployed.

His readily available quantity of feathers is this avian archetype’s Achilles heel, taking as long as a seventh of a fortnight to regenerate completely. (Otherwise known in the streets as “two days.”)

What Is Hawks’ Real Name?

We wonder if his friends call him Hawks when they’re just out to eat or something…

The heroes of MHA are known to the public as their more impressive pseudonyms. Hawks’ real name is Keigo Takami.