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How Old Is Kratos From the God of War Games?

How Old Is Kratos From the God of War Games?

Greek mythology fascinates many a gamer and fiction fan. The pantheon of gods, demigods, titans, and creatures holds infinite possibilities for supernatural adventure and excitement.

Recently, Norse mythology joined the party; Together, the Norse gods and the Greek gods are responsible for one of the greatest modern game series.

Spoiler Warning: There is a spoiler to the God of War story in the very next paragraph of this article. Expect there to be others throughout. Events and this god’s age are closely related. God things.

Go play the games or resign yourself to being spoiled. Thanks for reading!

Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, is an angry man, a hard-working dad, and an unlikely deity. (GOD of War. The name makes sense now.)

Whipping the blades of chaos every which way, Kratos kills… everyone and everything that crosses his path, except his wife and daughter.

Well… actually… about that last part…


Kratos’ Age and Hardships

Few protagonists have their stories fueled by pure rage, vengeance, and regret in the same quantities as Kratos Godofwar does.

The initial impetus isn’t his fault, and subsequent strife isn’t either. He’s just unlucky.

We want a friendly God of War side game where Kratos gets to live a stress-free, calm life. That’s all he has ever wanted. Can fate let him live for two god dang seconds?

How Old Is Kratos?

Since becoming a god, he’s grown older. Let’s start at the beginning.

After ten years of service to the gods in the original game, Kratos is 30 years old. (Or so.)

Thanks to those same gods, he kills his family in an Olympic haze, prompting the epic rage spiral that would lead to the murder of Ares and Kratos’ ascension to God of War. It all came together, huh?

Years passed; he spent time dormant. By the time God of War 2018 rolls around and Kratos and Atreus have their father-son adventure, the god has aged over 100 years.

When Is God of War Ragnarök Coming Out?

Cory Barlog is working as hard as he can, presumably. God of War Ragnarok is coming out in 2022, hopefully soon.

We are very hype for the return of Kratos and Atreus. Expect more adventure, brutal fights, vengeance, a maturing Atreus who wants to know how things work, and a higher frame rate!

It’s April, and there’s no concrete date set; it’s still early, though. No reason to be worried, yet.

The originals are worth a replay in the meantime. They hold up pretty well.