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How Old Is Master Roshi From Dragon Ball?

How Old Is Master Roshi From Dragon Ball?

A manga and anime empire, the Dragon Ball doesn’t hold itself together. While Goku, Vegeta(ble), Bulma, and Piccolo are the heart, the major supporting characters are the vital glue.

Without this character, Goku would not be the martial artist he is today. This Dragon Ball character’s contribution to the anime series and world can’t be overstated.

They are the MASTER of fighting and one of the oldest living characters in the world.

That’s right; we’re talking about Chi Chi. The star of the show. She is responsible for the man Goku has become, in addition to bearing his child.

Just kidding, obviously, we mean the Turtle Hermit himself, Master Roshi. Teacher, buff dude, fighter, hero.

The timelines among the various Dragon Ball anime and manga series give us a ton of perspectives on the characters’ lives; Roshi is a little different.

No matter when we check in on him, he’s several hundred years old. He doesn’t change much between the relatively small number of years across the story.

Keep reading to learn about Roshi’s exceptional age, lifespan, and names.

Master Roshi’s Age and Strength

Don’t be fooled by his (sometimes) modest elder appearance; Master Roshi is armed and dangerous without needing a weapon.

Whether he’s training Goku, defending the Earth, or fighting in the Tournament of Power, Roshi is one of the most interesting side characters in Akira Toriyama’s little project titled Dragon Ball.

How Old Is Master Roshi?

The short answer to this deceptively complicated question is this: Very. Roshi is exceptionally old, but his physique doesn’t show.

In a merciful turn of events, we have an indirect statement of his age. Master Roshi is approximately 300 years old.

This means that he could be pushing 360-400 years old by the end of Super. Not bad for a Turtle Hermit.

How Is Master Roshi Immortal?

Dragon Ball characters live a long time; it’s not that shocking. What’s surprising is that Roshi is a human, not a Saiyan or god.

Master Roshi is immortal due to his phoenix and Paradise Grass. Immortal may not be as accurate as “extended lifespan” would be.

By his own account, he should be able to live for another thousand years or more, but not forever.

What Is Master Roshi’s Real Name?

Roshi has gone by a handful of names throughout the years, the most common being Roshi and Turtle Hermit.

Roshi’s name is also Kame Sennin and Jackie Chun. He’ll answer to any of these if you call out to him.