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How Old Is Olaf From Disney’s Frozen?

How Old Is Olaf From Disney’s Frozen?

The Frozen franchise is as much of a force of nature as a blizzard is at this point.

Walt Disney Animation Studios struck ice-blue gold when they conceived of Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff. Much like these articles and this joke format, when it comes to Frozen, the world will never Let It Go.

Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff lend their voices to the iconic leading characters.

There’s one character, voiced by Josh Gad, who is the snowy glue that brings the world of Arendelle together.

Of course, we mean Olaf, the funny snowman who likes long walks on the beach, summertime, and, of course, warm hugs. (Who doesn’t like all these things?

Winter is rough. Give us a beach and a suntan any day.)

Let’s go Into The Unknown and discuss Olaf’s stats.

Olaf’s Age and Height

Elsa creates this beloved little man in the first movie, animating him with her ice magic. Her sister Anna then discovers and befriends him.

He has scrawny stick arms, a classic carrot nose, and black (presumably coal) stone buttons giving him a clothed appearance.

He is a real upgrade from the old Jack Frost or an even further antiquated Frosty the Snowman, huh?

How Old Is Olaf?

It depends. We can talk about how the magical soul that Queen Elsa granted the pile of snow the would become him is.

We could also discuss the concept of Olaf, who is based on a snowman very young Elsa and Anna built as kids. (This is why Olaf remembers Anna right away.)

If we’re looking at Olaf, the walking, talking snow guy, Olaf is 3 years old as of Frozen 2.

This assumption makes his creation in the first film his actual birth. We think this is reasonable.

While there’s no precise figure, Olaf is more than five years older if you consider the non-living version that the Arendelle princesses made as children.

How Tall Is Olaf?

Good question. If you do a little research, you’ll find a handful of places claiming that Olaf is 5′ 4″ due to an aberrant Frozen wiki detail.

If you’ve seen Frozen or Frozen 2, Elsa and Anna look much, much taller than Olaf.

If this height were accurate, that makes the girls 11 feet tall. Wild. It’s far more likely that Olaf is 3′ 4″ tall. Olaf’s height being three foot four makes his relative height to the other characters realistic.

Although, giants are known to live in cold, mountains climates. Perhaps the people of Arendelle are over ten feet tall by nature.