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How Old Is Palm Siberia From Hxh?

How Old Is Palm Siberia From Hxh?

Palm is known to Hunter x Hunter fans as the Gon-obsessed lady with a really bad forehead pimple; If you’re not a Hunter x Hunter fan, you know Gon, but not this chick.

Her pallid skin, facial orb, and drowned-chic hair give Palm (tree) an exquisite vibe.

Is Gon dating Palm? Are they moving to Whale Island to live together? Can she come between Gon and Killua? All disturbing questions with an obvious answer: Nah.

She cleans up very nicely, however. It turns out the hair and skin thing was just poor hygiene or an interesting style choice. That is what we call character development.

Keep reading to find out about Palm Siberia’s age, birthday, and some fun facts about this dynamic, fascinating character from Togashi Yoshihiro’s box office smashing series, Hunter x Hunter. (We don’t pronounce the X, for the record.)

Palm’s Age, Nen Ability, and Story Arc Importance

Palm doesn’t deserve the crap some people give her. (Us included, judging by the first paragraph.) She’s a great character with a lot of depth, captivating dialogue, and a large knife.

The only real issue is that she is way, way, wayyyy too old for Gon.

As an unnamed Reddit user, alphafighter09 asks, “Why does palm like Gon who is a kid?” We just don’t know! (It might not be that serious.)

We can extend some slack given how rough becoming a horrible creature in the Chimera Ant arc must have been.

How Old Is Palm?

As is the case with most side characters and members of the Phantom Troupe, there’s no direct source for this character’s age or other life details.

The best way to estimate is their overall performance and peers from the story of the show.

Judging her against characters like Hisoka and Ging, Palm is 20-something years old. She’s older than Gon but still seems like a young adult.

If you look at her all cleaned up; she is very youthful. Not mom-age by a longshot, yet.

What Is Palm’s Nen Ability?

Her social skills may be lacking, but her combat skills sure aren’t! Palm’s Nen ability makes her an enhancer, able to use her aura to grant herself strength and qualities.

Her main use of this, Black Widow, involves a Bayonetta-like empowering of her hair. She turns it into garments to protect her body.

This effect must be persistent and passive because she can continue maintaining attacks on her opponent while staying shielded this way.