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How Old Is Tamaki Amajiki From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Tamaki Amajiki From My Hero Academia?

MHA Spoiler Alert: Beware! Events will be mentioned. Suneater is from later in the series, but still, be careful! We will mention things as they come to mind. Catch up on the show and come back.

You already know who it is again. It’s your other boy Tamaki Amajiki, UA high Big 3 Pro Hero prodigy and Izuku Midoriya acquaintance from the anime series and Shonen Jump regular My Hero Academia!

This hungry high school hero is another lowkey fan favorite of the franchise.

Tamaki’s hero name is Suneater, which is metal as hell. Keep reading to find out why he’s named this, his age, and why he may end up the greatest hero of all time.

Tamaki Amajiki’s Age and Quirk

Tamaki shows up in My Hero Academia season three. He is part of class 3-A’s “The Big Three.”

His fellow exceptional students include Nejire Hado and Miro Togata.

Tamaki Amajiki, AKA Suneater, proves again and again why he’s in the Big Three and so impressive to Fat Gum.

He’s often seen exhibiting impressive skill and intellect, handling multiple villains at once with relative ease.

You wouldn’t peg him for such a rock star from his meek, typical high school student appearance out of his hero costume.

Even his hero costume, flashy as they all are, is understated compared to this hero’s potential.

How Old Is Tamaki Amajiki?

The Big Three and class 3-A are older than the usual cast of 1-A heroes that includes Katsuki Bakugo, Shoto Todoroki, and Izuku Midoriya. Relative to them, 3-A are upperclassmen.

Debuting in the 24th episode of the third season and chapter 122 of the manga, Tamaki Amajiki is 18 years old currently.

Finally old enough to vote. (In the United States, anyway.) He was a year younger at the time of his first appearance.

What Is Tamaki Amajiki’s Quirk?

When he’s not Tamaki, he is known by the name Suneater. Tamaki Amajiki’s quirk is called Manifest. This is an unexpected and versatile power.

As the word “eater” in his name suggests, he eats things. Tamaki has the ability to manifest traits from things he ingests. This is often seen in him creating squid body, horse, and bull body parts.

The vast possibilities and his mastery of these abilities are what lead Fat Gum to think that Suneater will one day surpass pro heroes like himself and Eraser Head, becoming one of the greatest heroes.

With the Big Three, and his status as the strongest of them, he’s well on his way.

From his subdued attitude and pessimistic demeanor, you wouldn’t know that this guy is so powerful.