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How Old Is Kirishima From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Kirishima From My Hero Academia?

You already know who it is. It’s your boy Eijiro Kirishima, pro hero and pal of Izuku Midoriya, from our favorite anime series, My Hero Academia! This high school hero academy student is a sleeper fan-favorite.

If you know the age of one classmate, you know them all; that’s just how high school works, hero or not.

We won’t let that stop us from taking the opportunity to talk about one of the best boys in the show.

Specifically, Kirishima might be the only class 1-A hero this particular NerdBear writer likes as much as the villains.

Between his attitude, energy, simple quirk, and cool outfit, Red Riot is a real riot. Keep reading if you want to know more about Eijiro.

Let’s Start a Riot, Eijiro Kirishima’s Age, Quirk, and More

Going by the hero name Red Riot, Kirishima is inspired by a classic hero, Crimson Riot.

He makes his first appearance in the series around the same time as the rest of class 1-A, My Hero Academia season 1 episode 5. (Chapter 3 in the MHA manga.)

His outfit might be the best in 1-A. As a pro hero, Red Riot wears baggy black pants, no shirt, gear-shaped shoulder pads, a striking metal face harness, and, after the hero license exam arc, tight black sleeves to shield civilians from his pokey pokey rock arms.

How Old Is Kirishima?

UA is a high school. It is always a high school. These youngsters take their provisional hero license exam while we ordinary people take our driving tests.

Eijiro Kirishima was 15 years old when we first met him. Currently, Kirishima is 16 years old. This pattern is identical to Todoroki, Deku, and other classmates’ ages.

If you were wondering, his birthday is October 16. Get him some cake or a card.

What Is Kirishima’s Quirk?

Kirishima’s ability makes him the official Metapod of UA. Just kidding.

His super quirk allows him to make his body hard as stone; this makes him insanely tough and durable and gives him super strength to top it all off.

The Superman-like combination of strength and resilience is a true classic of this genre. Kirishima’s quirk is Hardening.

His coolest super move is called Red Riot Unbreakable. Red Riot pushes his quirk to its maximum, becoming nearly invulnerable, huge, and much scarier to look at.

This state is so stressful to the body that it can only be kept up for less than a minute at a time.

Riot! Woo! Riot! Riot!