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How Old Is Eri From My Hero Academia?

How Old Is Eri From My Hero Academia?

Eri is a newer addition to the pro hero world and UA high school gang.

This gentle, unassuming child with bluish off-white hair was the key to Kai Chisaki’s villainous plot during the Shie Hassaikai arc in season 3 of the My Hero Academia anime series.

Pretty Standard Spoiler Alert: If you have not read/watched through the entire Shie Hassaikai arc, consider returning to this article when you have; there will be some story details beyond basic facts like Eri’s white dress shirt or the fact that class 1-A loves her.

So how old is little Eri? When should Izuku Midoriya buy her a birthday gift? Why does this Shonen Jump weekly have such fascinating but straightforward and varied characters? This article will explore all of it!

Eri’s Age, Life, and Quirk

Eri’s grandfather headed up a Yakuza group, Shie Hassaikai (translated from Eight Precepts of Death).

While ShieHassaikai is not a real organization, many of its details are inspired by real-world Yakuza practices.

This is clearly not the best familial foundation for a sweet girl like Eri to flourish from.

How Old Is Eri?

For the most part, none of the My Hero Academia personal info lists specific years; we know that Eri was born on December 21st.

Considering other characters whose ages increased, Eri is seven years old. In her episode 66 debut, she was a six-year-old.

As if a Yakuza granddad isn’t enough, she was roped into villainy by Kai Chisaki, who used Eri’s blood in an effort to mass-produce a substance that eliminated others’ quirks.

She just could not catch a break.

Eventually, Eri’s life took a positive turn thanks to Deku and class 1-A. After seeing the UA hero academy class perform, she smiled for the first time. That’s pretty wild, six years without smiling.

What Is Eri’s Quirk?

Our girl’s quirk is what made her blood so appealing to a sucky person like Kai. Eri’s quirk is Rewind.

She can rewind a person’s physiology like a VHS tape; She can reverse time, in a way, for any living organism. Their physical state reverts backward. Like a system restore for a body.

She successfully used Rewind to restore Mirio Togata’s quirk that had been lost.

The center of her quirk’s strength rests in the horn on her forehead. Rewind is a quirk that has to build up naturally over time; As Eri’s quirk energy grows, so does the horn.

The power is then expended when the quirk is used. This is an interesting limiting aspect of an otherwise godlike ability.