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How Old Is Barbie? When Was She Born?

How Old Is Barbie? When Was She Born?

From the Mattel Inc. toy company, the Barbie doll is as universal as it is ubiquitous. Children in the United States and all over the globe play with this fashion doll in some form. (Even if it’s only through the Barbie video games or TV/Movies. Yup, she has those. Several have become popular memes in recent years.)

Ruth Handler created Barbie with her husband, Elliot Handler; together, they founded Mattel Inc.

Barbie is way more than a simple plastic doll; she is everyone and everything. From a Disney princess to a surgeon, she’s done it all plus one. Barbie remained stylish, strong, and fit no matter what career this ambitious go-getter attempted.

In addition to her age, which we’ll reveal, there is much more to Barbie than you might think. This article will tell you about the story and character behind the iconic Barbie dolls.

Barbie Dolls vs. Barbie the Woman

“Hi! I’m Barbie!”

Barbara “Barbie” Roberts has two sisters, including the well-known Skipper and Stacie, and a boyfriend, Ken Carson. The classic pair of Barbie and Ken still serves as a cultural archetype for picture-perfect relationships in America.

Barbie’s sister Skipper is the most produced and well-known of the other Millicent girls. In recent years she’s taken on an edgier look and a programmer vibe. She is constantly reinventing, like her big sister.

How Old Is Barbie?

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, a simple, ambitious girl from the fictional town of Willows where she attended the obviously-named Willows High School. The doll made her first debut at the American International Toy Fair on March 9, 1959. If we take this to mean that Barbie was born on March 9, 1959. Barbie is 63 years old today in 2022.

She looks great for her age, which makes sense when you consider she’s a plastic doll.

Barbie Controversies

You wouldn’t expect a toy like a Barbie doll to be the epicenter of so many issues, but our friend Barbara is no stranger to controversy.

The most prominent issue people had with Mattel and Barbie was body image. Barbie has an impossibly tiny waist, mythically long legs, and infallible hair. While this makes for a great-looking fashion doll, children felt pressure to have their own bodies meet these fantasy standards. Barbie doesn’t hold the blame for this issue all on her own, though.

A lesser-known, unexpected issue comes from the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Barbie dolls are banned from the country for their supposedly corrupting influence.

That seems a little harsh for a gal just trying to make it in the world.