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How Old Is Wolverine? X-men Comics + Movies

How Old Is Wolverine? X-men Comics + Movies

The X-Men are one of the oldest franchises in comic book history. From Marvel Comics and writer Chris Claremont, the Uncanny X-Men explored themes of discrimination, eugenics, and war through the lens of superpowered humans.

Wolverine, old man Logan himself, emerges as the undisputed fan favorite of all the X-Men. Whether we’re talking about an early Weapon X Program issue like Uncanny X-Men vol. 109 or a Hugh Jackman blockbuster, Jean Grey’s main squeeze always takes center stage.

It’s incredible how a simple mutation, accelerated healing, gave rise to such a star.

Please keep reading to discover Wolverine’s age in several of his appearances throughout the Marvel Comics universe.

Nutty Comic Book World Disclaimer: All comic book fans know that the universe and details between issues and series can vary wildly. Things get overwritten, rewritten, erased, etc., all the time. Captain America was a n*zi briefly; stuff’s wild. If some other piece of content can counter anything stated below, sorry, that’s the nature of comics.

Wolverine, Logan… James Howlett? Age, Life, and More

That’s right, Wolverine’s real name is James Howlett. We’ll explain further below, but to make a long story short, he had been alive so long he just forgot his real name.

How Old Is Wolverine in X-men (2000) And Origins?

Wolverine was born on January 3rd, 1832. Due to his healing factor mutation, he ages much slower than other humans and mutants.

In the series of films starting with X-Men (2000), Wolverine is 168 years old if we assume the film also took place in the year 2000. This is discovered using simple math and Logan’s birth year of 1832. By the time X-Men: Days of Future Past rolls around, he would be 191 years old.

The final Wolverine-containing entry in the series, Logan, takes place in 2029, the year of his death. James Howlett dies at the age of 197.

How Old Is Wolverine in Age of Apocalypse Event & Other Comics?

This is one of those vast universe-bending comic book thingies we warned you about. The Age of Apocalypse spanned several different comic book titles and many months.

In this timeline, which takes place on Earth-295, Wolverine becomes a brutal dictator under Apocalypse, an immortal, omnipotent mutant.

Unlike the movies, the comic books don’t give us a firm birthdate. It’s suggested that he was born in Canada just before the 20th century, making him a little bit younger than his other 1832 birthdate. Wolverine is still pushing 200 years old.

In the primary timelines of comics, Wolverine died (one of many times, but this one was special) in 2014 but then came back.