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How Old Is Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter?

How Old Is Kurapika From Hunter X Hunter?

Kurapika Kurta is a divisive favorite among fans of Hunter x Hunter. If you can earn this Kurta Clan heir’s trust, he’s an aloof hunter with a more sensitive side.

Prominent main characters like Gon and Killua top fan polls; it’s surprising to see that Kurapika often comes in right behind them.

There’s a lot to this character, from being a story arc feature, an impressive nen ability, and more.

This article will look at Kurapika’s personal details, life, Kurapika’s age, and more. We won’t be using the Phantom Troupe’s rude nickname for him, though.

Kurapika’s Age, Family, and Life

Kurapika Kurta is 17 years old. According to the Official Hunter Databook, this is his age in his first main appearance on the Whale Island boat in the original series as well as Hunter x Hunter 2011.

Somewhere in the Chimera Ants arc, he turns 18 years old in season 5; this means Kurapika is 17 years old in seasons 2, 3, and 4.

How Old Is Kurapika Now?

Kurapika is currently 19 years old if we follow the timeline of the story.

As with other characters like Gon, the Official Hunter Databook contradicts the story’s timeline; it is reasonable to consider the timeline over the book. According to the plot, 2-3 years have passed.

When Is Kurapika’s Birthday?

Kurapika’s birthday is April 4th; this makes him an Aries. Interestingly, Gon, Killua, Hisoka, Kurapika, and LeorioParadinight have sequential birthdays roughly one month apart.

That is nearly half the year with consecutive HxH character birthdays.

What Is Kurapika’Snen?

Kurapika’s Nen is conjuration type. He can craft things using just his mind and energy.

One of his most notable Nen abilities is the Restraining Middle Finger Chain, a hook-like chain that disables the opponent’s Nen.

Kurapika can only use this ability against members of the Phantom Troupe.

Kurapika Kurta is known as a powerful Nen prodigy, having learned it with ease.

What Makes Kurapika a Fan-favorite?

According to HxH fans, there are several reasons to love this serious blond boy. Kurapika is a fan favorite for his character design, powerful Nen, combat skill, and strong moral character; those are just the tips of the iceberg.

Kurapika has bright blond hair and eyes that glow an intimidating red to convey his strength; a soft appearance with a touch of ferocity is often a recipe for anime character success.

Although he is good at heart, his closed-off nature and emotional baggage led him to some villainous tendencies that didn’t reflect his true character; projecting your anger onto others is no way to heal! (That’s good honest life advice, too.)

His abrasive nature contributes to some fans’ confusion over how well-liked he is.