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How Old Is Light Yagami From Death Note?

How Old Is Light Yagami From Death Note?

If you read our article about L, you know that the Death Note series is one of our favorites.

Its dark fantasy and unpredictable plot keep you hooked without veering into the absurd like some anime and manga end up doing.

Stream it or pick it up on Blu Ray ASAP if you haven’t! Takeshi Obata (illustration) and Tsugumi Ohba (writing) crafted a masterpiece that is the first half of Death Note.

We don’t speak about the live-action Netflix adaptation that was released to less-than-positive reviews. This Shonen Jump breakout star deserves more than that.

Will it go away if we write “Netflix Death Note Movie” in an actual Death God’s notebook? It’s worth a shot. When you look at it with Shinigami Eyes, there’s just an infinity symbol; that can’t be a good sign.

**SPOILER WARNING** We mention twists and details freely, keep that in mind if you have not finished the series.

Light Yagami’s Age, Crimes, and More

Few anime protagonists are as unsympathetic as Light Yagami, but we still end up rooting for Kira and against the Japanese Task Force at certain points in the story.

In the series, Light displays some pretty intense contempt for his fellow man as well as a great deal of megalomania as he doles out heart attacks left and right.

The series spans a period of a few years with a sizable time skip in the middle following L’s death.

Starting when Light first finds the Death Note as a high schooler and ending with his premature death years later.

How Old Is Light Yagami?

As anime and manga fans, the main character being a high schooler shouldn’t be too surprising.

The list of anime that do not feature kids could fit on a single page. (We’re exaggerating a little.)

Light is in his last year as a high schooler in the first half of the series; you know what age that means.

He is in his last year of high school before the time skip and the first bunch of Light’s killings.

After the time skip, he makes the astounding leap to working with the police to catch himself, a massive conflict of interest.

Light is 23 years old in the latter half of Death Note. Prior, he was high school age!

What Is Light Yagami’s Birthday?

The same guide that gave us the info on L reveals details about Light, too. Death Note 13: How to Read lists Light “Kira” Yagami’s birthday.

Light Yagami’s birthday is February 28, 1986. Pisces are known serial killers; this fact checks out. (What is Misa Amane’s sign? We have to check their romantic compatibility.)