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How Old Is Legolas From Lord of the Rings?

How Old Is Legolas From Lord of the Rings?

If you read our article on Gandalf, you’ll know that sometimes the lore of J.R.R. Tolkien’s world that contains Middle-Earth has a dense web of facts, history, and ontology that is difficult to understand without ready a great deal of supplementary information.

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy did a great job telling the epic tale of adventure and was successful in revealing just enough of the information behind magic, elves, and men (and the other mortal races of Arda.)

This had the side-effect of leaving some lore-hungry fans curious about finer details behind the War of the Ring and its participating races and beings.

Of the races of Middle-Earth, the elves are the most mysterious. Their secretive cities, techniques, and lifestyles were fodder for myths told by hobbits like Frodo and Sam or the men of Arda.

Of these elves, Legolas, a member of the Fellowship of the Ring, is the most famous from the three films. Orlando Bloom’s portrayal elevated the character as a breakout star from the fictional cast.

Legolas’ Age and Nature as One of the Elves

The Elves are the first race dreamt up by the supreme divine being known as Eru Iluvatar.

Unlike the other races that walk the land of Middle-Earth, the Elves were made by Iluvatar alone, without the actions of the Valar and the Ainur.

Their creation predates that of the Sun and Moon.

This proximity to Iluvatar grants elves an infinite lifespan but not true immortality.

An elf can live forever if they are not killed. Elves are susceptible to injury and heartbreak, both of which can prove fatal.

True immortal beings like the Maiar (one of which being Gandalf) cannot be killed by any means; their spirits return to Iluvatar or Valinor if they are dispatched from Middle-Earth.

How Old Is Legolas?

The Lord of the Rings official movie guide states that Legolas’ birthday is in the TA 87; TA stands for Third Age in the timeline of Arda.

The War of the Ring takes place in TA 3019. Shortly after the fall of Sauron, the fourth age begins, denoted by the letters FO.

With simple math, we can find Legolas’ age at the time of the war and thus his age in the movies.

Legolas is 2931 years old in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Legolas and Gimli set off from Middle-Earth as Return of the King ends; the elf could go on to live for thousands more years.