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How Old Is the Joker?

How Old Is the Joker?

Do you wanna know how I got these scars? My father was a drinker.

In the last two decades, Batman’s arch-nemesis has become a cultural obsession in the modern age that transcends the comic book, movies, and Batman himself.

Batman would not be the fixture he is today without the package deal of Batman and the Joker.

The Joker is responsible for one of the best Batman stories, The Killing Joke. He also now has a popular solo origin film, Joker.

The recent movie gives a novel angle from which we can view the Joker, a very, very young Bruce Wayne, and the man, or the scraps of a man, behind the clown paint and maniacal villain.

Joaquin Phoenix delivers a fresh take on the character Heath Ledger made a movie icon through his portrayal of the evil clown in The Dark Knight Rises.

The Gotham City prince of crime has a hold on our imaginations that does not seem to be weakening anytime soon. Even Jared Leto’s wonky take wasn’t enough to deter us from the character itself.

The Joker’s Age and Life

Alongside the Joker, his bicolor paramour and partner in crime Harley Quinn has become something of a force in her own right.

Margot Robbie has yet to play Harley Quinn opposite a Joker worthy of her performance and the title of Joker, but here’s hoping someday we get an unqualified success of a DC movie. We won’t hold our breath, but we aren’t giving up hope, either.

How Old Is Joker?

In the 2019 Joaquin Phoenix film, Joker is 30 years old. This implies that the Joker is much older than Batman and Joker being older than he seems during Batman’s prime, too.

The Killing Joke books also present an origin tale for the prince of crime, though a younger incarnation.

In this version, he is around age 25, but most people aren’t looking up that project, opting instead for Joker and The Dark Knight series.

Who Was the Best Joker?

We won’t settle this debate here, but it’s something fans everywhere discuss constantly.

Of the three biggest films’ Jokers, Heath Ledger is the best Joker.

But we are still waiting to see someone portray a Joker closer to the one in the more whimsical comics and in Batman the Animated Series.

A high-energy, unsettling Joker that doesn’t have an aura of darkness but light-hearted, mentally unstable energy.

The kind of Joker that can make “Sorry Batsy!” sound as grim as a real threat of violence.

The type of Joker whose laugh sounds genuine rather than insane; that’s what makes it scary.