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How Old Is Master Chief From the Halo Franchise?

How Old Is Master Chief From the Halo Franchise?

Master Chief is one of the main playable characters from the Halo games. Really, THE main character of the series and face of the franchise (we still like the Arbiter and Fireteam Osiris, though).

Master Chief was identified as a potential SPARTAN program subject at the age of six. He is a SPARTAN-II, making him stronger than SPARTAN-IVs, for scientific reasons; IV used willing soldier candidates, unlike II… weak.

Halo is the defining sci-fi FPS, having been around for over 20 years now; it is still inspiring games and other media to this day.

The first game, Halo: Combat Evolved, was released back in 2001 before anyone who matters was born.

The events of Halo follow Master Chief, a mysterious space soldier, as he fights covenant and attempts to stop the Halo rings in an effort to save all sentient life.

Master Chief’s Real Age and Birthday

Between Halo: CE, Halo Infinite, Halo 3, Halo Infinite, etc., Master Chief has spent a lot of time in cryosleep or slipspace and the like, intermittently stopping or slowing his aging.

Life is easier if we don’t think too hard about that.

How Old Is Master Chief?

In the debut game, Halo: Combat Evolved, the world was introduced to the iconic space soldier John-117. (That’s his name!)

Depending on the game, of which there are many, the answer changes; they’re all in the same small range. Master Chief is old enough to be a dad, but not quite a grandfather, and uninterested in either.

Master Chief fights and blasts his way through the first Combat Evolved mission onboard the massive Pillar of Autumn carrier ship, opening the series as a 41-year-old super soldier and ranking petty officer UNSC Naval commando.

During the Halo Infinite campaign at the end of the series, the last game, Master Chief is 49 years old.

What Is Master Chief’s Birthday?

John-117’s birthday is the key to figuring out his age in the various Halo games. Though, birthdays are the only way to do that in any context, huh?

This is some Prophet of Truth level thinking. While not relevant to much, his birth date and birth year are revealed in the Halo 4: The Essentials Visual Guide book.

Before being snatched up into the SPARTAN-II program as a small, innocent, defenseless child in 2517, John was born to loving parents in Elysium City in 2511.

Master Chief’s birthday is March 7th, 2511. He is over 7 feet tall in his armor and, weighing almost 1000 pounds, a very big boy.