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How Old Is the Prince From Snow White? (Prince Florian)

How Old Is the Prince From Snow White? (Prince Florian)

Ahh, the classic Disney films. In one of the earliest movies in the Walt Disney Studio Archives, Disney fans remember Snow White and Prince Florian, not to be confused with Prince Charming, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs with affection and nostalgia.

Classic animation, falling in love, true love’s kiss, catchy songs, and the traditional old-school color animation, this 1937 film, and its Disney Princess are forever iconic.

Snow White is not the only Disney project our prince shows up in; You can find Prince Florian skating in Disney On Ice, dealing with heartless in three different Kingdom Hearts games, and played by a real human actor David Nolan in Once Upon a Time; Disney Characters are everywhere.

There’s no escape.

Prince Florian’s Age and Snow White Controversy

If you’ve seen our article on Flynn Rider, you’ll be familiar with the light controversy that touched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Age gaps always start conversations when they show up in Disney movies, but it’s a big misunderstanding this time.

How Old Is Prince Florian?

There used to be a pretty pervasive rumor that the prince was 31 years old. This is entirely untrue and disproven after the release of The Art of Walt Disney book was released.

He is much younger; the situation is not nearly as upsetting as people on the internet took it to be.

As confirmed in The Art of Walt Disney, Prince Florian, the prince from Snow White, is 18 years old. This fits the tropes of fairytales of the early 90s and before; there is not a 17-year age gap as some people think.

Snow White is apparently 14 while Prince Florian is 18, a small gap of four years. This pushes it a little by 2022 standards, but remember, this film came out in 1937.

What Is the Prince From Snow White’s Name?

None of the characters were too fleshed out in the older Disney moves; even the Walt Disney Company failed to keep details straight, sometimes.

In case you were confused, according to some fans, this prince’s name is Ferdinand; there was a bunch of weird, contradicting information on his name.

The Prince from Snow White’s name is Florian. It was revealed in a TV spot as Florian and repeatedly confirmed by Disney on Ice and others.

If you stick to referring to the prince as “the prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” no one will ever misunderstand you.

What’s Prince Charming’s name, anyway…?