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How Old Is Nezuko the Demon From Demon Slayer?

How Old Is Nezuko the Demon From Demon Slayer?

You can’t have an anime called Demon Slayer without a demon or two.

Sometimes a demon slayer slays demons, sometimes a demon slayer is a demon who is a slayer, frequently in Kimetsu no Yaiba, it’s both; Manga can be complicated. Anime, too.

Few anime protagonists have made the cultural, aesthetic impact that Nezuko Kamado has.

Her signature pink kimono with a dark brown overcoat, unmistakably iconic bamboo mouthpiece, and terrifying yet pretty stiletto nails are splashed across a mountain of knock-off merch, phone backgrounds, twitter icons, and commissioned art.

You can’t escape Demon Slayer merch. Unlike her fellow demons, she’s the only demon that can tolerate sunlight and be a fashion icon. More like slay, demon!

So how old is Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer/Kimetsu no Yaiba? Well, it depends on what you mean when you say “real age.”

You know how anime goes… (This question would be even more complicated if we were discussing Muzan; we’ll save that for another day.)

Please keep reading to find out her real age(s).

Nezuko Kamado’s Age, and Demon Biology

Though Nezuko wasn’t always a demon, she is no longer of the human persuasion (but still has a human form). She is still a slayer, like her older brother Tanjiro Kamado.

A slayer with a demon for a younger sister must be challenging for a caring brother like Tanjiro Kamado. These main characters make it work; Demon Slayer Corps be damned.

How Old Is Nezuko?

When Nezuko was initially attacked by a demon at the start of the series Kimetsu no Yaiba series, as a human, she was 12 years old (Tanjiro was 13).

You could say that Nezuko’sbody remains 12 years old; Demons do not age.

This is how Muzan looks so good for a demon jerk pushing over a thousand. The Hashirawant his skincare secrets.

Kagaya could use them… Demon Slayer Corps leadership takes a toll on the ol’ face. (Or borrow a mask from SakonjiUrokodaki?)

However, two years have elapsed as the story of the Demon Slayer anime and manga have unfolded.

If you count story arc time and mental age, Nezuko is 14 years old now, with the physical form of a 12-year-old.

When Is Nezuko’s Birthday?

However you classify The Chosen Demon’s age, don’t forget to buy her a gift; Nezuko’s birthday is December 28th.

Her birthday was revealed on the official Kimetsu no Yaiba manga/anime Twitter account (in Japanese).

At the end of the series, her caring brother Tanjiro Kamado, their bud ZenitsuAgatsuma, and character-who-is-definitely-present InosukeHashibira are successful in their journey.

They drive the demon blood from Nezuko, demon slayed (yes, the proper form would be “slew”) Muzan, and presumably, she will begin to age again.

Finally, Tanjiro will stop aging further away from his younger sister.

This makes her the only demon to ever return to their human form for good.