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How Old Is Princess Bubblegum?

How Old Is Princess Bubblegum?

Before we get started talking about this character, ruler of the Candy Kingdom, from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, we want to say this:


This is an underappreciated, seldom quoted line from Princess Bubblegum after she bursts through a wall on a never-before-seen giant swan that we think is worthy of more repetition by fans.

It’s better than bacon pancakes. Bacon was so late 2000s. Watch the episode “Dungeon” if you don’t remember this moment; it’s one of the best episodes of the show, containing a few other underrated jokes we won’t spoil here.

Finn and Jake encounter droves of absurd cartoon creatures through their adventures over the events of the series; this princess is no exception just because she’s a genius. She’s a blob of gum, guys!

Gum that dates girls! Namely, Marceline the Vampire Queen. We love that for them.

Princess Bubblegum and Marceline are an inspiration to women everywhere who are made of food and women based on a classic horror monster.

Princess Bubblegum’s Age and Origin

The post-apocalyptic fantasy world known as the Land of Ooo contains a wider variety of life forms than any sci-fi story or video game.

Ice wizards, dancing bugs, vampires, living candy, “humans,” and more populate this vibrant realm of fantasy.

Princess Bubblegum rules over a corner of the Land of Ooo known as the Candy Kingdom, populated by tons of adorable and delicious candy people.

While not being beleaguered by the Ice King, Princess Bubblegum can be found working for the benefit of her subjects or experimenting in her laboratory.

Fun fact: Her full name is Princess Bonnibel Bubblegum. You can call her Bonnie. (We didn’t ask her first, though. Call her Bonnie at your own risk.)

How Old Is Princess Bubblegum?

Princess Bubblegum, being chewing gum animated by an unknown force, was not born, per se. She is a chunk of the Mother Gum, a larger mass of atypical Hubba Bubba that bears life.

She’s much older than she appears. Princess Bubblegum is 827 years old, but her body is depicted as a late teenager.

Funny enough, her age seems to be directly proportional to the amount of gum that makes up her physical form.

After losing a large amount of her body to an attack, the smaller Princess Bubblegum looked and talked like a much younger girl.

Does this mean that if she were to gain mass, she would become older? More experimentation is required.

Eight hundred years is nothing, or rather average, relative to other beings in Ooo.

The Earl of Lemongrab, a bad guy who doesn’t look very old, is implied to be OLDER than the Princess. He could be over a thousand years old.