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How Old Is Superman?

How Old Is Superman?

The Man of Steel is the iconic comic book character that screams America, somehow more than Captain America.

The Justice League leader doesn’t need to try as hard to get his point across, in our opinion.

Getting his start in Action Comics, Superman defends Metropolis (a delightfully generic name for a city) from all manner of threats with his god-like powers.

The biology of a Kryptonian in the DC Universe is fascinating if a little unclear. There are enough details to piece together an account of Superman’s age and, more importantly, his aging process.

Do Superman’s abilities extend his life? What would that mean for Superman and Lois Lane?

The answers can be found in this week’s science section of the Daily Planet! (This article.) Keep reading to learn more.

(Any “Save…Martha…” fans in the house?)

Superman’s Age, Aging Process, and Nature

It’s common knowledge that Superman was either born on Krypton or is a member of a species that hails from Krypton.

This actually varies between continuities. Sometimes he is “born” in the pod sent from the home planet. A technicality.

Either way, the meek Clark Kent is a full-blooded Kryptonian. These aliens are interesting because their biology is very human until it isn’t anymore.

How Old Is Superman?

If you watched Smallville or have read some comics, you know that Superman’s family on earth is a well-meaning human family.

No matter the Superman story, he ends up on earth as an infant to be raised as a human child. He grows up, goes to high school, becomes a young man, then a true man.

By the time Superman is part of the duo, also known as Lois and Clark, Superman is between 30 years and 40 years old.

This gap of ten years does not carry any significant implications and varies in size per DC or licensed property.

How Does Superman Age?

We’re so glad you asked! Krypton, where Superman was born (often born, at any rate), has what is called a yellow sun, just like Earth’s.

Kryptonian biology allows Superman and his race to absorb its energy, granting them their incredible abilities. The light of a yellow sun affects their aging, too.

In case you didn’t already know, Superman flies up to the sun to recharge and heal after taxing battles on Earth.

Superman ages at the normal rate of a human until adulthood, where the power granted by Earth’s yellow sun may slow his aging if not stop it completely.

This is a bummer for Lois Lane and others whom he will outlive. At some point, Clark Kent’s death will need to be staged to preserve a secret identity.