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How Old Is Violet Evergarden?

How Old Is Violet Evergarden?

The Violet Evergarden series is a light novel series created by Akiko Takase. It has become popular in recent years.

We do not feature many light novels, but this one has garnered an impressive following, earning its anime adaptation in 2018.

Violet Evergarden tells a unique story that blends elements of romance, drama, and science fiction.

The world it creates is both familiar and novel and full of emotion.

Spoiler warning: We will discuss Violet’s nature and abilities, which contain details that are meant to add intrigue to the story before they are brought to light.

If you’re just starting out with the light novels or anime series, consider coming back later.

Violet Evergarden’s Age and Life

The central character, Violet Evergarden, and Dr. Orland’s inventions, the Auto Memories Dolls, share a strange relationship.

While typical Auto Memories Dolls are advanced mechanical constructs that record the stories and feelings of other people.

Orland invented the Dolls to enable his blind novelist wife, Molly. After she lost her sight, it’s understandable that she became depressed since she couldn’t practice her life’s work anymore.

Without her husband, Molly’s work would not have reached the heights it did. Much of her writing done through the Auto Memories Dolls was met with acclaim and praise.

Molly’s work was the catalyst for these machines becoming popular all over the world.

Side-note: Live humans who can perform the same tasks as an Auto Memories Doll are referred to the same way; not all Dolls are machines if you’re considering everyday speech.

Violet is incredibly skilled as an Auto Memories Doll after participating in the war, but she is a living human being, not a construct.

How Old Is Violet Evergarden?

The novels and anime span nearly a decade of time from the characters’ perspectives. This means that no single answer for Violet’s age will suit each person searching for this question.

She is a child or young teen over the course of her time at war, where she meets Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, but in the mid-late anime, movie, and novel chapters, she is much older.

Violet is a young woman as the story nears its conclusion. Violet Evergarden is 18 years old in the 2020 film and the end of the original light novel narrative arc.

This casts Violet and Gilbert’s interactions in a weird light, considering he falls in love with Violet prior to her being an adult.

The non-contemporary setting, the unnatural emotional state of Violet, and the altered realities of war make this dynamic more tolerable, however.